Age of empire definitive edition

Is anyone playing age of empire definitive edition ?

is it good game?

Yes, indeed all of us are (not me at the moment though) and the game is as good as you rember it. In fact much improved. I hope you will join the AOE community!

how can i get the game?:thinking:

AoE DE has its values but it has also its problems, many features missing, crash bugs etc. not sure it worth the 20€.


are they working to get all bugs/missing on age of empire definitive edition ? (Fixed) ?!

I wish they would. As far as I can tell you can play the singleplayer. There are some bugs but it’s ok. Don’t expect them to be fixed.

IS Singleplayer good? you say there are some bugs’’
is it playable?

It’s playable, the bugs will show soon or later, but generally you’ll notice them after some time.

Worst part is that they totally abandonned the game. (fixing almost nothing)

so they release age of empire definitive edition and (not fixing game) :thinking:

Correct. I think this is it for the plans of a AOE II DE etc.

i hope for AOE II DE

Me too. But somehow I can’t believe it.

Even if they are on AoE DE 2, this would mean a disrespect for AoE DE 1, they do badly a project and they go on the next one ? And they’ll do same on AoE DE 2 ? What a reputation they are building…

I have been playing this game for the past 2 weeks So far no problem. The big download size of 17GB was a problem with limited volume bandwidth. Just reached Imperium Romanum mission 5. So far exciting. The voice over , background music, smooth movement of units are job well done. Its really exciting. Noticed it has strong multiplayer presence will try it once I get readapted to the game. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Ever heard of AoM:Extended Edition?

They did same on it ?

Some analysis about AoE DE failure :

from the videos I would have seen it’s not quite that heartwarming lol
it’s basically aoe in worse, kinda. lol

IS IT Worth the money to buy new empire? 20€ for game🤔

Yes, good game. Also, brings one through the history in game mode