Age of Empires 2 Bug Report

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  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Greetings … I have a bag to report … this is a game on the latest aoe2 update that came out yesterday. In the following game (ill post the rec here) im red on a 3v3 match … my opponent petarded my walls to get in and i never heard the sound if him breaking in , no alert … so i was like maybe i didnt hear , so i watched the rec … and yeap , no sound the moment he broke in … no alert … no nothing. This is a game breaking problem specially on high level games since so match can happen if you dont react in time … so i had to find somewhere to report this with evidence so the devs fix it

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:point_down: First time after latest update

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*i have the rec of the game but it dosent allow me to upload it here , contact me and tell me where can i send it to a discord account … sr if i didnt fill up all the sections correctly.

Hi @KkronosJr
You can send it directly to me by DM using Remember to tell the time ingame when the issue happens.
Thank you.

Hello @Felizon89 and thank you for the response , i did send you the recs and some videos showing the exact problem from my point of view as well with another rec from a game that i did today with very bad villager pathing.

Can you double check? I haven’t received any direct message.