Age of Empires 2 DE AI needs

AI Improvements:

1.AI should make use of mills + towers, creating farms around mills on the outskirts of cities with towers protecting them. (not making farms around town centers)
I create vast Historically accurate cities for cenarios and find that town centers in the middle of the city (Surrounded by cobble stones and roads) get used for farming centers. Where the Mills I create on the outskirts of the city is left unutilised.

2.Allied AI sould send aid when requested. For instance when you get rushed and request aid from them either via the chat function or a signal function as seen n AoE3.

3.AI should more readily create Transport ships to move villagers to new Islands on Island maps such as Pacific Islands.

Unit alterations:

1.Camels should have a slower movement speed than cavalry, but on desert sand and dirt, their movement speed should be faster than that of cavalry.


If camels are faster on sand, common sense is they will be even faster on land.


No, camel movement is not as fast as war hourses but due to its wide foot design, a camels weight is distributed better on sand, hence why they thrive in dessert biomes, where horses huves have a narrow base, wich causes them to sink a bit deeper into sand, thus slowing them down.

It helps ME civs to have a slight advantage when fighting on their home turf.


Thanks for the clarification.

You can make your own AI if you don’t want it to farm around the TC. The ingame AI is made to be as efficient as possible to provide a challenge for players, so it will not handicap itself by only farming in exposed areas.


They should be able to carry units (villagers aswell as soldiers)

Hopefully some AI script lines for it so scenario designers can use them too :slight_smile:

How does one go about to create AI?

You have to create an empty .ai file and a .per file with the instructions for the AI. You can find a basic guide in the AOE2HD directory in Docs/all. Have a read through of the AoK CP Strategy Builder.doc and TC CP Strategy Builder.doc.
There’s a few other guides you can find with a bit of searching too. Just a heads up though, I’m not sure you can edit where AI build farms, but I may be wrong.

So you can damage it’s eco easier? Sorry buddy, not gonna happen.

No you infernal peasant, in order for me to acurately reconstruct a city such as Paris or Jersusalem with town centers inside the walled city and not have the AI create farms on the cobbled streets inside the city but instead make the farms outside the city walls with towers to protect them.

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That’s a job for custom AIs. Thé default AI is there to provide a challenge to players, not build pretty cities.

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I agree, if anyone knows how to create such an Ai (One that also force the emeny AI to create walls around their city to enable the need of use for the seige tower) then please, I besiege anyone to do so.

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Since when AOE II was about accurate cities though?

You almost never need siege towers because the opponent will make a castle or something close to the walls (Yes, the new AI does not build walls, but let’s think it did, it would put castle near them)

When creating historical campaigns and playing historical campaigns then yes ,estetics matter.

If AI builds a castle behind the walls, good, as it should be, it provides more of a challenge and a more historically accurate one at that. Siege towers have high pierce armour precisely to counter main city defences (arrows) once the infantry (that does effect e damage to buildings due to Arson) gets over the walls they can assault the castle/defences. If muderholes have been researched ,good, more of a challenge and it causes the agressor army to adapt and overcome the challanges.

All of these are aspects that makes playing the game more exciting and engaging.

Isn’t that a thing already? They even implemented tons of new taunts in DE that helps in those kind of interactions.

Yes it is, they have exactly this in AoE2DE, but I posted this before the game was launched. So my request was adhered to.

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My bad, haven’t noticed! 11

I build my cities in scenarios pretty tight so that there is not a lot of space for them to try to farm in the middle because they always do if you leave them too much space. I basically make these scenarios like empire wars where each team starts with several vils on wood, several farmers etc. This has worked pretty well for me.

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Yes, that is what I too try to do when creating my civs, oh well, tis but an idea.

I will say that building AI mills with farms around them and a vil standing there actually works pretty well as opposed to in DE because this AI is way better at actually using units you give them at the started of the game rather than HD AI which didn’t use them since it seemed to only know build orders for standard games.

I haven’t played all that many water maps with AI but they still never seem to utilize transport ships

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