Age of Empires 2: DE Spreadsheet with an extended version of the Q&A

On question 6, they said that many of the new features (such as the military drag selection) can be turned off, but not the graphics, there will not be an oldschool mode.


I updated the spreadsheet accordingly

Can the graphics settings be changed? Like bloom, anti-aliasing, etc?

I think we can expect all the good stuff from AOE DE and much more.

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I have not played AOE 1 DE, so I don’t know it really well. It does have possibilities for setting bloom, etc? Would be nice. AOE 2 DE maybe seems kinda foggy, so maybe it can be made clearer with settings.

One thing, which I would really like to get an answer is how are resource worker counts calculated? Those numbers which are below resources and show how many workers (villagers, fishing ships, etc) are gathering each resource. Are farmers, who are building farms, counted as food workers or not? In AOE 2 HD it is annoying how under economical stats farmers will temporarily be counted as builders, not farmers, while they are building farms.

Especially for you. Check all current settings. :kissing_heart:



Oh, thank you :slight_smile:
Is it only for me or can I share it on Discord and Steam forum, because bloom/anti-aliasing has been questioned about?
And do you know anything about this farmer thing? I asked about this on Discord, but on one answered.

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Get on with it (at least 20 char). :smiley:

Farmer thing? could you elaborate

All villagers that are on food (whatever source) are counted (except fishing ships), these include the farmers of course. Same for wood, gold and stone.

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Even during the time when farmers are building farms? They are listed as builders in AOE 2 HD then.
And wait, why are fishing ships not counted? They are also pretty much villagers :frowning:
And are trade carts counted as gold workers?

Yes, until they stop working, then they become part of the idle villagers.
Trade carts are just counted regarding population and total amount of traded gold.

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Alright, trade carts are handled very specially then, unlike AOE 2 HD.
But fishing ships should certainly be counted alongside villagers. There is no logical difference between them as far as gathering goes. Both gather food.

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They only count for population and contribute to your food resource. An idle fishing ship button would be a nice addition. And yes, I wouldn’t mind if they count up to the amount of villagers on food resources. You got a point there.

Actually cycling through idle villager will also get you to the idle fishing ships.

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Cheats will be the same (Question 35)

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You see? Both villagers and fishing ships are similar. Both can be called “workers”. Both can be idle and can gather food.
You should probably make a thread about fishing ships to be counted as food gatherers, because current situation seems like a bug and I certainly want in AOE 2 DE trading carts to be counted as gold gatherers and fishing ships as food gatherers.

It’s not my idea. Just go ahead, don’t be shy to launch a thread yourself although I’m not that a thread launcher too unless it’s regarding virtual machines.

I might be afraid of ladies but certainly not afraid of making threads! :smiley:
Just thought, that it would be more appropriate that someone who actually plays AOE 1 DE, makes the thread, but all right, I make it myself, because I got the info from you :slight_smile:

“Beeckman typed in “How do you turn this on” and proceeded to steamroll the opposition to appease me.”
■■■■, why wasn’t this shown to us??? :triumph:

It was made available. This is inside the media assets you can download here:

I don’t see cheat units in there