Age of Empires 2 | First Conquerors Track


Hey there,

thats the first track which I rearranged from the “Conquerors”.

PORK PARTS :slight_smile:

Merry X-Mas
Vitalis Eirich


This is simply AWESOME as ussual Vitalis!!! Keep’em coming!!


Hello AgeEdu,

thanks a lot :slight_smile: I will.



Hey Vitalis, do you know what type of hardware was used by Stephen Rippy back in the day to compose the original MIDI soundtrack of AOE? I’m guessing here: Roland SC-55 may be?

Really looking foward to learn more about the composing methods of that era.



Nice work a masterpiece indeed for a good classic as age of empires is congratulations


Amazing. :slight_smile:


Hey AgeEdu,

you write about Age1or Age2? That does not matter. I have read, that Stephen Rippy used the Boss DS-330 synthesizer and an E-mu ESI-32 sampler.
I have here also the “BOSS DS-330 DR. SYNTH” and composed the additional 3 in-game tracks for RoR.
And the sounds are rly the same! I think they used that synth for Age1 + 2. It would make sense, because BOSS DS-330 was anounced in ´92. Iam not sure but its possible that the BOSS DS-330 is based on the Roland SC-55 (´91).

It would be also interesting to compose with the ESI-32 sampler, but its not easy to get one. I used also the “Ensoniq TS12” for some additional sfx or instruments.



thank you Malthael1998 :slight_smile:


thanks Salgam :slight_smile: (20char)