Age of Empires 2 - Neep Ninny-Bod (Arr. by Vitalis Eirich)

Hey there;

finally I have here the new Remix :slight_smile:

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I think original is better, but this is still awesome track, thank you!

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Was a long time not there x).

Thank you Rasteri !

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I find all these remakes a bit weak in comparison to the original. They are clearly much wider in the mix but the melody and drums don’t have that power.

yeah sure, thats a matter of mixing / mastering
I try to manage all that things by myself so they are some weaknesses :slight_smile:

Iam always receptive for constructive critic.

Wow I just noticed, are you seriously pretending to be Vitalis Eirich? :joy:

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:smiley: … thats the perfect way to find out the weaknesses and to improve himself :grin:

tbh I didnt found the option to change my nick there :smiley: