Age Of Empires 2 out of sync detected BUG! PLS FİX İT


I’m writing this for all aoe2 users.
There is a really important problem=’‘Age of empires 2 out of sync detected’’
In the game when a player defeated by the others, the player closes the game. And the game system thinks there is a problem with connection and whenever it does the game closes. And our all work vanish. Beside of this if it is a Ranked Game all players loose elo :frowning:
Please try to fix that problem.
All players who play this game are complainant!
I hope you can fix or change another method.
I forgot to write :I’m playing aoe2 hd online on steam!


many years with that bug… the game looks abandoned.


I forgot to write;I play the game on steam.A lot of people play it.It needs to be repaired.


Microsoft is mostly focusing on the Definitive Edition it seems. There is still a team working on HD, but it’s unlikely to fix anything more than the most noticeable, newest bugs (Elo still not working, MP restore not working). Desyncs have been in the HD edition from the start and are notoriously difficult to fix, so don’t expect anything to happen here.

If you are annoyed with desyncs, you can always install Voobly and play Multiplayer there, desyncs almost never occur there.