Age of Empires 2DE needs and requirement for mod friendly setup. (Exstensive)

I am elated with the new upcoming civs.
I believe we shall receive Poland (Prase the Lord) as well as Bohemia.
If we do get Georgia as well I do hope that in the future we will get Armenia as well for they will share the same Caucasian Architechture. If we don’t get Georgia with this DLC then I hope we get a Caucasus DLC that includes Georgia as well as Armenia.

Highly important for modding datasets!!!
Please add the ability in the Advanced Gene Editior to Copy all the data from a prevoius dataset (My current modded data containing only the current civs) and Paste all of the data into the new dataset.(The new dataset containing all of the latest civs)
This will allow for much faster and less laborious setup / creation /expansion of visual data set mods.

Now, since I know we will receive the civs we so desperately require, here follows the list of all my desires for additions/alterations to AoE2DE:

AoE2 DE New civ requirements.

1.Poland / Kingdom of Poland / Poles

Cavalry civ
Eastern European Architecture

UU- Winged Hussaria
Fast,Strong but expensive cav.
Only average HP and armour. (Strengthened by Panceri)

Unique tech 1 - Pancerni - cavalry gain +1 Melee armour and provides the option to create Imperial Hussar in stable.
Unique tech 2 - Voivode - sword Infantry + 2 LOS

Siege :Siege Onager
Capped Ram
Normal Scorpion only.
Siege tower.
Bombard cannon

Archer line full but lacking bracer.
Hand cannoneer.
No Heavy cav archer.
No Elite skirm.

Stable: H cav goes up to Cavalier
Light cav line full + (after researching Panseri ) has the option to create Imperial Hussar

Barracks: Full sword and spear line.
No Plate barding armour in blacksmith .

Campaign ,war against the Tutonic order and HRE, climaxing in the Battle of Grunwald.

Campaign against the invading Ottoman empire climaxing in the Siege of Vienna.

Wonder: Wawel Cathedral.

  1. Armenia / Kingdom of Armenia / Armenians

Infantry and Defensive civ

Designed to be a supporting civ, avarege offensive power on its own but a strong ally. (Pocket civ)

Blend of Caucasus and Middle eastern architecture.

UU-Nakharar:Mountain Infantry. Average in combat , strong against buildings , high pierce armour with a large shield on the back that can bypass a cities walls much like a siege tower (without the need for the tower) .

" Armenian soldiers used iron hooks to help them climb fortification walls, and large leather shields to protect them from anything that would be dropped from above."

Good unit for raiding walled cities.

Unique tech 1 - Sparapet (Allows you to train Ayruzdi cav)

Unique tech 2 - Mountain Keeps/Strongholds (Castles on elevated ground gain +2 attack

Civ bonus :Captured Relic = +1 Infantry attack.

They receive free Murder holes. " There existed a special regiment of mountaineers who were trained to roll rocks onto their foes in siege warfare,"

Can garrison units in Monastery.

Weak siege line. ,only onager and capped ram.

Archer line only goes up to crossbow.

Full cav archer line.

No hand cannoneer.

Full skirm line.

Heavy cav goes up to Cavalier.

Once Sarapet is researched (expensive) , then Ayruzdi cav can be created in castle.

Ayruzdi cav - Byzantine Cataphracts.

Team bonus: All allies get free siege engineers.

Campaign: Fight alongside their Georgian allies against the Eldiguzids (Turks) in a campaign in Anatolia that culminates in the climactic battle of Shamkor.

Wonder: Etchmiadzin Cathedral.

  1. Georgia / Kingdom of Georgia / Georgians

Cavalry / Monk civ
Caucasus architecture

UU - Monaspa Mace wielding Heavy cavalry
Unique tech 1 - Georgian Reconqesta (Reduce Baracks infantry cost by -40%)
Unique tech 2 - Sword of the Messaia (Decreases cool down duration from monks after a successful conversion)

Team bonus : Gelati Academy - Allied university techs - 20% cost in food.

Natural allies Franks , Byzantines , Armenians , Italians get a further reduction of -20% wood cost as well.

Campaign:Sword of the Messiah
King David IV The Builder campaign to unify the Kingdom and defeat the Saljuk Turks ,climax at the Battle of Didgori.

Wonder: Svetitskhoveli Cathedral.

4.Tibetans/Tibetan Empire

AHimalayan archutecture.

Infantry and Monk civ.

Starts battle with two Yaks under town centre.

UU-: Showlin Monk. Can convert and defend it self with a staff whilst conversion is under cool down. (Long cool down due to meditation) Trained in monasteries after researching Mahāvyutpatti.

Unique tech 1:Mahāvyutpatti - All gold resources become visible on map + Showlin can be trained at monasteries.

Unique tech 2: Himalayan herds -cost: 500 wood 100 gold you and your allies receive a large heard of yaks to harvest for fast plentiful food income .

The soldiers of the Tibetan Empire wore chainmail armor and were proficient in the use of swords and lances, but were poor in archery.

Barracks full sword and spear line but no supplies.

Archer line only has Archer.

Cav Archer line full.

Full skirmisher line.

Siege: Full onager line

Full scorpion line.

Only has capped ram.

Heavy cav line goes up to Cavalier.

Camel + heavy camel.

Light cav goes up to light can only.

Campaign in the north against China that culminates into the Battle of Talas715AD with Saracen allies .

Wonder: Jokhang Temple

  1. Taíno peoples / Carib kingdom

Tribal archer / naval civ.

Civ has no war gallies nor fire ships but instead have tribal war canoes that is 0.5 pop space. Strong defence against fire ship attack.

UU castle: Carib blow gunner - stealth unit strong attack bonus against infantry, low armour and low hp.

UU Dock : Kanoa War canoe only takes up 0.5 pop space ,can attack and transport units , low attack ,designed to be deployed on mass.

Dock has no gallies, no fire ships but has full demo line.

Unique tech 1: Nitaínos/Poisoned arrows - Archer units and towers gain +2 attack.

Unique tech 2: Cacique - Trade cogs have + 5 armour .

Team bonus: Cheap fishing ships .

"For warfare, the men made wooden war clubs, which they called a macana. It was about one inch thick and was similar to the coco macaque.

The insular Amerindians mined for gold and obtained it by trade from the mainland. The Caribs were skilled boat builders and sailors. They appeared to have owed their dominance in the Caribbean basin to their mastery of warfare."

Baracks - Full spear line.

Sword line goes up to Two handed swordsman.

Full eagle warrior line.

Archer - full archer and skirm line.

No black powder , no cavalry.

On 3 June 1511, king Ferdinand declared war on the Caribs. Island Caribs nevertheless mostly succeeded in keeping their islands unoccupied by Spaniards.

Battle of Vega Real


  1. Guacanagaríx.


3.Agüeybaná El Bravo.

6.Polynesians/ Tuʻi Tonga Empire.

Tribal infantry and naval civ

Civ has no war gallies nor fire ships but instead have tribal war catamarans that is 0.5 pop space.

UU castle/Luakini: Ali’i/Maori warrior - Wielding an elongated wooden club bristling with shark teeth all along its edges. Can traverse (swim over) narrow rivers and small bodies of water .

UU Dock: Catamaran - fast moving trade cogs that fires defensive arrows whilst traveling along trade routes.

Unique tech 1: Haka - Infantry gain + 1 attack and + 1 armour.

Unique tech 2: Fa’amatai : Stellar navigators allows all coastlines to become explored and all great fish to become visible .

Civ team bonus : Increased fishing ship gather rate.

Civ bonus: Shore fish last longer.

Wonder : Moai (Stone heads )

Barracks: Full line for sword and spear.

Spearman have a higher HPthan normal.

Archery range : Full skirm line .

Hand cannoneer

No cav

If enemy or allies obtain Chemistry , then the Polynesians receive it as well for free. (Can’t research chemistry out of own volition.)

Siege : Bombard cannon

Battering ram.

Onager .

  1. Congolese Empire

Trash/ infantry civ

Castle/ Banza UU: Iucanzos -Skirmishers armend with poisoned tipped javelins , when striking an enemy , after initial damage ,it drains health for 1.5 _ 2 seconds . Cost food and gold.

Unique tech 1: Mwene - Skirmishers have +1 Melee armour and do bonus damage to Infantry.

Unique tech 2:Mwisikongo slavers- Increases villager gather rate by 15% but villagers lose 15% base HP.

Civ bonus: More HP on spear line staggered through each age +pombos Fast moving infantry.

Team bonus: Faster hurling Skirmishers .

Barracks: full sword and spear line but lacking plate boarding armour.

Add african version of Eagle warrior.

Stable only has light cav line up to light cavalry.

Weak cav

Archery range: Full archer Full skirm line

Hand cannoneer.

No cav archers .

Siege workshop:

Only battering ram.

Only mangonel.

No scorpions.

Bombard cannon.

Weak siege but Arson tech is cheaper.

Dock: only have canoe navies .

War canoe, transport canoe , fishing canoes.

Weak navy.

8.Kanhem-Bornu Empire.

Castle Ribat UU:Murabitun - large shield carrying spearman , high pierce armour costs food and gold.

Unique tech 1: Dabbalemi reforms - Houses can train Baracks infantry but at a very slow rate .

Unique tech 2: Cima - Houses gain +3 LOS

Civ always starts with cattle in stead of sheep around the Town center.

Civ bonus - receive Guilds for free.

Team bonus: Markets have +100 HP

Barracks: Trains units slowly.

Full spear sword line

Sword line Only gets two handed swordman.

No supplies tech


H cav no Paladin

Full camel line

Full light cav line.

Archery range:

Full skirm line.

Only gets crossbow.

Full cav archer line.

No handcannon

If allied to the Turks, they gain the ability to train standard Jannisaries in the Ribat/ castle.

Siege workshop:


capped ram.

Heavy Scorpion .

Dock: only have canoe navies .

War canoe, transport canoe , fishing canoes.

Weak navy.

Trade cogs

9.Kingdom of Zimbabwe/Kingdom of Mutapa/Shona people.

Castle UU:
Unique tech 1:
Unique tech 2: Mapongubwe masonry - all structures gain 20% more hp.

“The Kingdom of Zimbabwe controlled the ivory and gold trade from the interior to the southeastern coast of Africa. Asian and Arabic goods could be found in abundance in the kingdom. Economic domestication, which had been crucial to the earlier proto-Shona states, was also practiced. The Great Zimbabwe people mined minerals like gold, copper and iron. They also kept livestock,”

Civs to be added:

Caucusus DLC

Islanders DLC

Asian DLC
Cheloa empire
More Asian civs

Red Sun of Africa DLC
Congolese Empire
Kanhem-Bornu Empire
Kingdom of Zimbabwe/Mutapa/ Shona People
Kingdom of Ghana
Songhai Empire.

Please make event trophies civ specific. I don’t want to choose only one trophy for all of my civ TCs.
I want to have the Steppe cav archer trophy for all the steppe tribes, the Turkish Bombard trophy for the Turks only, The Teutonic Knight trophy for the Teutons and so on.

I want events celebrating the cultures of each civ. For instance a ME civ event that includes rewards such as all dark age houses become Berber tents for ME civs, all ME trade carts become camels with baskets attached to them containing spices, silks and rugs. Add a reward that allows all ME civs cavaliers to look like the AoE3 Mameluke cav found in the Saloon.

Make a civ event for the japanese that allows each reward to unlock a AoE3 Japanese unit such as the Yumi archer line added to Aoe2, the Samuri line added to aoe 2 , make the AoE3 Ninja the AoE2 Japanese champion as well as the entire cavalry line. It will be perfect for civ event rewards.

Units to be ported from AoE3 DE:
Mamluke for ME cav
All the Japanese, Inca and Aztec units, Spanish pike line, some Chinese units, the Mayan spearman for the AoE2 Maya halb and many more!

Please give the Chinese and Koreans their own Castle Architecture, the Japanese castle really doesn’t do them justice.

If you really want to connect AOE2 to events of today, give us a Plague event, with rewards such as a ‘‘Plague doctor’’ Profile Icon and give the Mongols a unique tech (Biological Warfare) that allows their trebuchets to slowly drain the HP of any unit located within 3 squares of the impact point by 1 HP per second for 10 seconds. Depicting how the Mongols flung rotting ,plague ridden corpses into enemy cities to infect the besieged.

For Japanese.
Add a Japanese unit into the barracks , a ninja , that is invisible to the enemy on the mini map. Pop limit of 10 . The Hashasshin (ME) / Shenobi (for Japan) unit can be a stealth unit that has a weak attack but has a large attack bonus against Trash units and kings. Max allowed Hashasshin / Shenobi pop = x5
Becomes visable/spotted when within LOS of Towers,outposts,castles.

Current civ alterations.


Have Vikings lose free hand cart but instead have their longboats be able to attack as well as transport units (loses transport ships) and gift them cheap trash units.

African ,Mezzo,

African and mezzo civs should only have canoe navies. Able to fire arrows ,fast ,agile and only using 0.5 pop space but they don’t have access to Gally line ,nor fire ships, nor cannon. Gallons. All canoes can carry/transport 3-5 units.


Change civ unique tech 1 to : Justinian Reforms - Sword line +1 Melee armour.
Enables the technology of Varangian Guard in Imperial age.
In Imperial age , Byzanitne army gain access to a special unit in the Barracks called the Varangian Guard. - Expensive , slow moving but difficult to convert.
(Highly loyal guards of the Emperor)

Unique tech 2 remains Logistica.

Lose Hand cannoneer.
Trash becomes more expensive but Civ gets free wheel burrow and free hand cart.

General additions:

Add some more special units to represent the knightly,chivalric Crusader orders , such as a Templar knight or a Hospitilar knight to the Franks/British , Templar having the option to convert 1 unit for every charge up and the Hospitilar having the option to heal 1 unit for every charge up.

Or perhaps add these as technologies that can be researched in the Church ‘Templar Order’ & ‘Hospitilar order’ that will grant the already existing knights of the British/Franks/Italians these abilities.

In turn the Islamic civs:Saracens, Turks, Tartars can receive a tech in the mosque called :Jizya tax, for every knightly unit they convert, you receive 5gold.

Perhaps add a technology called Falconry that adds +1 LOS to knights.

Region specific Random map options.

Please provide us with an OPTIONAL setting where you can select specific random map biomes based on region , for instance:

Arabia- Desert or Grass

Black forest: Oak forest (Northern European), Pine forest, Autumn , Winter (Snow)

Costal: Oak forest, Pine forest, Bamboo, Autumn, Cyprus trees (Grecko),Winter(Snow)Dessert,Jungle

Mediteranian: Oak forest, Pine forest, Bamboo, Autumn, Cyprus trees (Grecko),Winter(Snow)

Rivers: Oak forest,Pine forest, Bamboo, Autumn, Cyprus trees (Grecko),Winter(Snow),Dessert,Jungle

Gold Rush: Oak forest,Pine forest, Bamboo, Autumn, Cyprus trees (Grecko),Winter(Snow),Dessert,Jungle

And so forth.
This option should be togolable in the options section for those whom do not wish to use this.

And please make exclusively visual mods not trigger the ‘‘Achievements have been disabled because cheat codes were used.’’ blocking system. I want to be able to get all achievements (Steam Achievements as well as event achievements/rewards) when using a visual dataset mod.

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