Age of Empires 2DE requirement for mod friendly setup

Good day.
I love that we are receiving more updates and content each month, keep up the good work devs.
I just wish to reiterate a request for a “Load mod data set” button to be placed in the main menue .

It can be a small obscure button that is out of the way ,but please, for us whom create, endlessly test and use large intricate data set mods for each game ,this is a dire nececity .

To enter the game and select a dataset and have it be loaded and immediately be active, allowing you to enter a saved game,a campaign game, a random map game or the scenario editor directly and have the mod effects in place will be stupendous.

Could this ease be added in the next Update ?
I beseech the skilled developers to do this.

Thank you for your time.


I agree, this would be awesome. Also it would be great to have a function in Advanced Genie Editor to view differences between dat files and a function to create a patch file. When a new update arrives you simply apply the patch and you have all your changes merged into the latest dat file.


Even better would be if data mod would consist of patch file. Game could apply patches from multiple data mods dynamically to main data file, so player could play with multiple data mods at same time.


I concur. More flexibility and freedom of choice is needed. Step one, is just to get an effectively simple method of selecting/activating primary dataset mods and then we can work on making the system more modular.


This simple thing will be such a huge help.

I am worried Tapsa (creator of AGE tool) is not active these days. Devs please provide an alternative tool to do the same (compare changes in data files and copy changes)