Age of Empires 3:DE Revolution Poll

For various projects, I created a Poll regarding the Revolutions, where I wanna collect your opinions.
I would love it if you gave me your input :slight_smile:


I’m gonna repeat my comment on the wiki about Brazil Dragoon.

Revolting to Brazil either as Portuguese or Dutch actually decrease their melee attack compared to their Imperial counterparts when used against Cavalry or Artillery. This is mainly due to the removal of the multiplier in melee mode. Fully upgraded Imperial Jinetes have 52.8 (+140%, x2) melee attack vs artillery, while Brazil Dragoon have 48.4 (+340%) melee attack vs artillery.

The only use of melee attack on ranged cavalry is only when fighting against Artillery since most artillery have 75% ranged resistance. At least when Revolting to Brazil, Dragoon can be used as a substitute to Hussar vs skirmisher in melee mode although still vulnerable against them in range.

Are you going to post the results of the poll somewhere?

You should probably add a quick reminder of what each Rev does within the poll. There are a lot to track now…