Age of empires 3 initialization failed


Hello my game wont start its says / age of empires 3 initialization failed cant play game… any fix for it?


This might help you.

Open configuration panel and go to Programs and click ‘Turn Windows features on or off’. Now unfold ‘Legacy components’ and enable ‘DirectPlay’ by putting checkmark and click on OK.

After installation of components reboot your system. Now you should be able to play.


i did this one / ‘Legacy components’ and enable ‘DirectPlay ( did not work)


Some more questions. Did you try running it as administrator?
And is it Steam edition or the old CD-ROM version?

You may need to reinstall DirectX or the game again.


i have steam version


Can you try to remove it and then install again?


IF THAT Not work what can i do then?


A lot of more things like checking your hardware, minimum system requirements of AOE III and the DirectX diagnostics.

What are the specifications of your system anyway?


how can i see my system?


In search glass type msinfo and press enter, export result to a text file and post here.

While you are doing this, repeat above with dxdiag and post the dxdiag log file too please.



but when i play other age empire/age of empire 3 asian dynasties -> that game work
not other 2 games.


Then I think that game has not been installed completely if you can only start Asian Dynasties expansion, so then it’s a installation issue. Something must be broken.


Wait, so TAD works? Just launch that, then.