Age of Empires 3 - The Napoleonic Wars

Hi guys,

I just wanted to join up and say how much love the work Microsoft Studios, Skybox labs, Forgotten Empires & possibly others did on the Age of Empires 2 HD addon packs and the AoE1 definitive edition. Makes me very very excited for the up and coming AoE 2 & 3 definitive editions and AoE4!!

With new expansions done for AoE2 and Age of Mythology I was wondering if there are any plans to add a new expansion to Age of Empires 3?

The colonizing the new world & independence era storyline for the main game was a PERFECT choice and the 2 addons focusing on native Americans and Asia were great too but I always felt that Ensemble Studios and the other studios that worked on the original addons for Microsoft really missed the mark on not including a big Napoleonic Wars campaign as that was a bigger ‘world war’ than the war of independence due to so many countries in play. It would have also led to vastly more AoE3 sales in Europe (eg England, Germany, France & Russia). But it’s never too late…

A new addon for the up and coming definitive edition of AoE3 covering the Napoleon campaign where players get to follow his conquests of Europe all the way to his failures in Russia and at Waterloo all while developing your home city Paris (which is already in the base game) would be an amazing experience and really fill in a huge gap in AoE3’s timeline. AoE3’s beautiful sailing ships would also be perfect for a battle of Trafalgar mission as that was of course in the Napoleon’s time too forcing him to abandon his plans to invade England.

Fans have made a cool Napoleonic Era factions and units pack but there’s no campaign sadly. So it would be very cool if finally an official addon covering the Napoleonic Wars was done.

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Really want to see Persian become a new civ in AOE3.The campain could be the war between Persian and Indian.Amazing theme.