Age of Empires 4 = Age of Empires Online 2?

Is it just me or does AOE4 look like it wants to be AOE:Online 2 ?



Please tell me i’m not the only one. This must be a joke…relic, come on…

(EDIT: Obviously they look different, but if you take a look at AOE1->AOE2 they look different, but you can tell AOE1 is the predecessor of AOE2.)
It looks like they focused on AOE:O graphics instead of rest of the franchise


It doesn’t look similar to me. Only similar thing is the gold mine

what about the tower? (apart from the difference in upgrades)

I don’t think they look alike at all…

I edited the bottom of the post
What do you think? It seems their main focus was to create a “better” looking AOE:Online. aka. AOE:Online 2

Look at the size of the arrow in the left picture. jajaj is the same!

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It is just you.
Obviously it looks different from Age 1 and 2: Age 4 is in 3D

I did not compare it to AOE1 and AOE2
This is AOE:Online that looks exactly the same as AOE4
I made a comparison with AOE1 and AOE2 to make it clear to people like you who have hard time to understand that the main focus was adressed and not how it actually looks. Sadly you still did not get it.

Considering AoE2:DE just came out I think the devs purposely gave AoE4 a new look so it wouldn’t just be AoE2:DE2

ya… its just you lol

Age of empires online is currently still playing by many people. :slight_smile:

I’m pritty dissapointed as well about the graphics. As a true Age of Empires lover as a child I was verry Happy with AOE2 & AOE3 and the remasterd versions.

The graphics in the previeuw fan video’s do look like ANOTHER Clash of Clans, Forge of Empires,… Just another mediocre game where it’s all about pay to win and childs. If their goal is to reach young players maybe it isn’t even a bad Idea, but otherwise it’s dissapointed. Al the cool new features will get lost in childish the graphics.

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no you’re not the only one i’m fealing dead inside aswell.

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