Age of Empires 4 AI

I’m not sure I’ve seen a single discussion about AI and perhaps that’s because we haven’t heard anything about it, but it’s probably an important topic. I certainly get the impression that there is a large chunk of the community across every game that plays against AI.
Do we know anything right now? I personally hope that we can set difficult on a per-AI basis, as opposed to AoE 2 where all of the AI must have the same difficulty.
It would also be interesting to know if they’re doing anything different with the AI. I’ve always been quite interested by the idea of using machine learning to train AI on ranked games


While I can not say anything regarding current AI, I can say I talked to one of the devs of Age 2 DE 2 or 3 years ago at gamescom. There I asked them why you can not set AI to different difficulties in a match in Age 2 DE, or if they could implement it.
He asked his collegue because apparently the thought didnt cross their mind back then. However I did mention it would be common in current strategy games and he agreed.

I do not know his name, nor if he still works at the company, or even if he was of much importance, however he told me that they could not do this in age 2 DE, because they used the actual code of original age. And there, diffiulty setting was applies to ALL AI, including animals, like wolfs etc, aswell as scripted moments in capaigns.
Depending on difficulty, wolfes would attack earlier and follow longer, and certain units sawn differently in the campaigns of age 2 depending on difficulty aswell.
To change that would have meant a change of the very basic game code, so they didnt it as it was 2 months before release. However Maybe that idea was still in their mind.

What I take from that is that they may very well have been aware that different difficulties of AI, even within a game, is standard nowadays and also quite helpful for learning etc.
Secon, back in Age 2 DE it was too late to change because of the old code. But age 4 is a new game from the ground up. So IF they did remember, or think about it themselves, I am sure at least this would be possible.
However of course this is far from a confirmation. Just a small little info and maybe a sign of possible implementation :wink:

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I know when aoe4 as first being announced there was some talk about some sort of AI-like solution being taken to the tutorials, tips that are only presented when you need them or something.

I know thats not the traditional AI you’re mentioning re what controls the computer player, but its interesting how that was a focus - I assume to make it easier for new people to learn the game.

I for one would like to see something really unique get put forward in the AI realm, literal neural networks being developed for the AI’s so they play very human-like. That is something that is missing so far with the other age games and would be novel for a modern RTS, AI tech has come so far recently Mind you, I suppose some people like over-coming a computer with their humanness, and if you want to play a human then go multiplayer =P

I would like to see the Extreme AI literally unbeatable by a human =P

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There is one AI person in the AoE2:DE Team and he gave an interview. There he said neural networks aren’t a thing for AI in Computer games because you can’t Alter there actions directly. It’s all a black box. If you feel like they should do something different in this specific case or they are acting totally weird in another there is nothing you can do about that

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understandable. As soon as they learn they can beat all Human players by destroying us, we are done for anyways :smiley:
No seriously, that makes sense, it couldnt be part of the base game. However it woul be possible to have a special server for that specific purpose. Maybe without human players, so AI doesnt learn to swear

I found a video that explains why neural networks are not going to be used in RTS AI any time soon. it is a well produced video that you should watch

He says it is too difficult to change undesired behavior by neural networks, it may not adjust well to balance patches and it is very expensive. he thinks there are other areas like animation, lip syncing and analytics where ai is more likely to be applied in gaming.

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