Age Of Empires 4 Big balance problems only

I did a post to explain some things. But finaly I think it’s over. AoE4 is how devs want it to be. good luck to those that like the game.

I cant delete the post, if an admin comes here, just delete this. thx

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The only thing that i really agree with you is cancel animation, for the rest you said it’s more a no than a yes…

Mongol tower rush isn’t fixed. It only delays it by like 15 seconds and even if it were mongols are still too strong. You are right about everything else though. fish, siege, pro scouts are still so one dimensional and boring. You still HAVE to go water on hybrid maps which makes for a very boring experience. Fishing ships should cost like 200 wood to justify the insane food return on them. Water maps suck ■■■, pro scouts is still too good because it gets you to have an army that also gets you food and even if the opponent has spearmen out you can still get back to tc with the majority of hunts even with the speed nerf. The game is probably good if you’re a casual player and don’t run into these issues but once you reach a certain point it just gets old real fast.