Age of Empires 4 infinite loading

After playing the first campaigns (British and French) for several hours, I went to play the Mongolian ones. However, in the third map, the loading becomes infinite by not loading and remaining in this state.

I managed to close the game, killing the process. I have been trying to play multiplayer, getting the same error even after repairing the game. I tried it over and over again, always having this infinite loading when loading the map.

Hey @SolarFeather215! Sorry to hear you’re having this trouble.

Would you mind contacting support here with your DxDiag and any Crash Logs?

Thank you!

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Hi @SavageEmpire566. Sorry for the delay in replying. I followed another topic and managed to solve the problem, deleting some files in the MyGames folder in Documents. Thanks!

Excellent! Good to know that worked…thanks!

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