Age of Empires 4 releases 28th october

Finally we got an official release date and i´m looking forward to that day since 7 years. Hope you´re all excited as I am😀


Where did you find the release info

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It was in a locked forum. I have first heard about it from “Aussie_Drongo”


Ok, I saw that video too, just wasn’t sure if you had found more information about it

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release in 4 month, considering there wasn’t even a beta sounds quite rushed.

Spellforce 3 had at comparison at least 6 month beta prior to release, LOL.

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There was a beta btw, only special people in the aoe community got it though.

In gaming “Stages of development” terms AoE4 had merely an Alpha.

Its very, very important for the game to be tested by Pro-gamers.

Special people doesnt sound like a good way to test a beta. If the special people you are talking about are pro’s they will have way different opinions about the game then casual players. Its best for a beta to be both from the regular folk as from the pro’s.

Let’s go bois! :smiley:
Finally, it’s happening.

I’ve pre ordered the deluxe version. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I do not think thats entirely true. We do have a full feature complete version already which is tested in a closed beta soon (according to MS). Therefore we are in around beta stage.

And now we have 4 months left, which seems little, but should be enough to finish the issues with the game itself and ROUGH balance.

A game like this will never be completely balanced, Age 3 had a problem that only pros tested it and therefore the balance was good for pros, which are not the average players.

final balancing can only be done with massive data, a first time with open beta, but then in the months after release.

So apart from that, 4 months are enough for localization and maybe fixing the animations.

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