Age Of Empires 4 (suggestions)

If there is something that should not be taken into account or discarded for “Age Of Empries IV” would be some graphics like the "Age Of Empire IIII". I would not want to see an AOE again where a building is about the same height as a soldier on horseback.
Regarding the fluidity should maintain about 60 fps stable or overcome them and the characters given that currently there are graphic motors of quality and efficiency, the characters and buildings for an AOE4 could be better polished (shape, height, movements, gestures).
The style of play should be similar to AOE II. maybe with some more ages.
This I do not say because it is my favorite game, I am not only talking about me in this comment, I also speak for a whole community that is active playing AEO II that is even used playing with a competitive level in its online version and a high number of viewers in Latin America and the rest of the world.
Greetings from Chile.


I’m very confused by this statement and why you mention AoE3. It is pretty much the same across all current Age titles…

I think you do not have to consider AOE3 for an AOE4. being aware of the large number of competitive RTS games in the market and there are things in the AOE3 game style that are in abundance and confuse the game.
It is a matter of seeing the good relation / aspect that has the AOE 2 or AOE 2 HD taking into account of age that this game has, without having 3D graphics rescues everything that the AOE players want to see. That’s why I think it should be the closest thing to AOE2.
I would like an AOE that boosts the competitiveness of online and be able to see as it is now seen in AOE2 at present players from different parts of the world in tournaments that define who is the best.

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I don’t see a significant difference in the way buildings<->units scale compared to other Age games.

Is very evident.
AOE 2 has a better base game profile to be improved in a new version or even to be remastered.
It also has more people in live stream. This shows a greater interest of the players in the game, I include myself.

I thought about the scale of buildings too, and I don’t think they could go with a realistic style like the Total War games. Just have a look at a siege battle there, a realistic citadel or castle could take 1/4 or even more of the whole map. I still think a somewhat arcady (in lack of a better word) style should be maintained to reachieve the AoE feel.

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It looks good graphic Total War. but I get the feeling that it is a very extensive game and that you have to spend haphazard time to achieve something.

Is there even a AOE 4 developing or a AOE 3 definitve? I am not really believing it anymore…

Yes. Developing games takes time.


I think with today’s graphical power (hardware) there would be no issues to reach 60fps, maybe even 120 fps with no issue. Even with 4K resolution. We can all speculate until we see/try the first Alpha/Beta.