Age of Empires 4 v Age of Empires II DE

I’m glad we finally got a trailer but how is this going to differentiate itself from the recently released Age of Empires II DE?

They’re set in the same time period and Age of Empires has had a remarkably consistent game style since Age of Empires 1.

What’s the plan here? How realistic will castle and city building be like in the trailer we saw? It’s certainly not realistic for previous games in the franchise. At best it’s rushed walls, tower and castles to cut off chokepoints against AI and other players.

I’m aware this comes off as aggressive and rude but I’m not. I’m genuinely wondering how this game will differentiate itself enough from Age of Empires II DE to generate sales and revitalize a struggling game-type in Real Time Strategy.

I’ll end with something I do like which was highlighted at the X019 thing. I’m glad they’ve dramatically cut civilizations because hopefully that will make game balance easier if they start with fewer… and then carefully introduce new civilizations slowly over time.

Glad we got a trailer but it leaves me with a lot of questions. I know there’s a tendency to stay true to the original franchise but I don’t want another remake of AOEII in 1-3 years from now.

same time period doesn’t mean same game

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Adam Isgreen clearly said (in recent ign interview) age IV will span broader than age ii. Its good that they are following majority, a lot of us (not me) wanted medieval. You can check out past discussion.

“Slightly larger” are his exact words which implies we’re talking about maybe a little pre-medieval and maybe a little renaissance/new world type stuff. So no, it’s not going to be broader than Age 2 in any meaningful sense.

And I understand same time period doesn’t mean the same game but the same relative time period, the same type of gameplay, the same balance of economy and military… I guess I don’t see what there is to be excited about. It’s another Age of Empires type game with small little twists like units can walk on walls, different civilizations gather resources differently. I mean yeah that’s nice… but that doesn’t sound like a new game concept for a genre that has struggled to bring in players.

This isn’t a shot at developers, the footage looked nice and if I knew 10 million people were going to be playing it on launch, I’d jump right on that bandwagon. I’m just not sure how they’re going to get a large playerbase as things stand right now because it’s just another Age of Empires game and the last 2 releases - I haven’t seen many people in multiplayer lobby, most of my friends who played with me when the originals came out didn’t bother picking them up.

And to finish this off - it sounds like a game where the highlights are going to be in campaign mode, almost like an RPG… and multiplayer, singleplayer won’t be very different. I just don’t see how campaign mode will lead to sales and success.

Well the any game’s success depends on the majority. Whether you or your handful of friends or me or my handful of friends bother to pick up or not doesn’t say anything of course. There are more RTS gamers in the world. RTS hardly sell 10 million copies. It’s just known, and MS know it too.

Age 1 DE was ok, multiplayer was popular when it released, only for nostalgia sake. People moved on to two. Two DE released, and according to the steam stat, more people are continue to play DE, than they play “HD” and the story of Age 3 DE will be same as Age 1 DE, because multiplayer wasn’t popular in the original either.

Now if Age IV sells or not, gets its well deserved multiplayer lobby, time will tell. Hang tight.
Regarding “Adam Isgreen” he didn’t spill everything. We know game is set on medieval, that’s pretty much it. Are there periods? Don’t know yet. As I said, 1 and half years ago, there were a lot of people wanting the game to be set on medieval era, so they won. I thought they will continue with timeline. I am happy no matter what.

Relic is known for both singleplayer and multiplayer. You can see their Homeworld, DOW1, COH1, so lets hope they put same efforts as these game and not kill this franchise for good. This “gameplay” trailer didn’t tell ■■■■. There could be 100’s of new features, we don’t know anything yet apart from 30% or so information.

we dont know… we got a trailer that showed us the look but not really how a game will function. At the very least even if we get a 2 thats just updated that will be alot. yes we have DE but DE didnt change the engine or the core of the game this will which can radically improve on the formula. However, again we dont know what they changed…we know the time period thats it… total war literally dd rome and rome 2 and medieval and medieval 2 and they were different games.

it sounds like a game where the highlights are going to be in campaign mode, almost like an RPG… and multiplayer, singleplayer won’t be very different. I just don’t see how campaign mode will lead to sales and success.

first, you dont know that at all lol. Second, age games have been huge on their campaigns and single-player the whole time so…not that surprising. Yes, age 2 stayed alive for MP but they are aware and im sure they’ll want to bring the pros along.

You’re making alot of assumptions when we dont have information yet.