Age of empires 4 very hard ai tweaks

I can’t seem
To make post in aoe4 it won’t let me make new post
Maybe too many already on site ? But what I’m asking is can you take the gameplay from people like the viper
Or other top players and copy that into a
Extreme ai so people can play against that as hard ai are stupid and too easy you go on pvp from very hard ai and it’s completely different we need a extreme ai to practice against so we can have the skills to play pvp not just he’ll get steam rolled

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Once you can bash the hardest AI in the game:

  1. Take a short trip down Build Order lane in the Age IV section of YouTube Town; there should be several vendors offering starting materials for your transition to P vs P.
  2. After watching how you should probably play your preferred Civ, in your preferred game type, you need only enter matchmaking and be willing to accept what you get.

There is no way around this. You can’t, manually, code and AI to be worth practicing against above an intermediate level.

I would suggest you try to get a group of friends together to practice with against other human opponents. That is the quickest way to improve in any game’s P vs P mode, as your friends can more or less practice mind-control on you until you have the muscle memory to do the right strategic moves throughout the games that you play.

the AI is very easy i’d honestly love to see some self learning AI’s like Alphastar to make the solo learning experience a bit better

AI is always easy when you rush it with rams or towers.

If you want it harder, dont cheese the AI. Let him build Walls and go to Imperial Age before you start getting resources for your Castle Age.

The Campaign is harder becoz the AI starts there beyond Castle Age while you start from scratch.

The hardest AI/all the AI was harder. They broke it in latest update it went from being hard to beat for a noob to a facepalm.