Age of empires 4

i have had some issues with the campaigns, especially the English, it keeps crashing, on top of that where is color changing it has always been a feature in the age games and i know my friends and i are really missing it

One of the vaguest thread titles :sweat_smile: I can’t help with the issues described here, but wish the title was a little more clear on why we should click it. Color selection has been discussed/asked for a lot before. Maybe some threads here already talk about crashing campaigns? Not sure, but forum search may find something

yeah sorry im still figuring out age insider, but yeah it is thanks for responding

No problem. The site was a bit confusing for me at first, too. (Navigation, where to post, etc.)

The magnifying glass search works surprisingly well! So hopefully you are able to find a solution to crashes, or maybe someone filed a bug report already you can say you got the same issue