Age Of Empires Clan Federation Season 03 Tournaments

AoECF S03|690x331

Good evening everyone!

We are exited because we are ready to start Season 03 in Age of Empires Clan Federation aka AoECF
The Season 03 will be only in Age2DE .
All the registration process, the brackets, score reporting etc will be done via
We going to have 2 RM 1v1 events

One for ratings 0 – 1300
One for ratings 1301 – 2100
We going to have a 4v4 TG where each clan can participate with more than one teams!

More events will come soon!

Everyone can participate as long as they are members of a federation clan.
There is no limit in participation per clan.
If you are a clan leader you can create your clan here
If you are a clan member you can join your clan from here
Please fill all the necessary fields in your profile!

If you have questions you can check our help page or you can ask in the help channel “aoecf-help” in our discord server

All the registration will be approved by the admin team

Registrations are open until 15/10/2020

For more info check our discord server or contact us in and in

gl,hf all!!