Age of Empires DE crashes constantly on MS Surface running Windows 10 Enterprise

Just bought it from MS Store. Installed without issue and attempted to play.

Within 2 or 3 minutes the game crashes saying that another process is running which may be interfering…

I have excluded the path from anti-virus program as well as going through every troubleshooting steps listed on this site to fix it.

What can I do? I love this game but it’s infuriating to play since it crashes constantly. The longest stretch of playing has been about 7 minutes. Do I just need to uninstall and get my refund??? Such a shame. Please help!

I have a few additional questions about your Surface.

  1. Which model type of Surface?
  2. Which antivirus program has been installed? Did you try without (completely disabled or uninstalled)?
  3. Is the Surface with Windows 10 Enterprise enrolled in the Windows Intune program by the company providing your device?