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As a beta tester, I understand the need to push back the release date, and I approve of the decision, not that you need my approval. Is there a new eta for a release date?

Will we see any new in game features like stored farm replacement, new civilizations, or buying and selling resources at the market?

Those of us that preordered should get beta access or a free key or at least a T shirt.

“Should”. Think about it, please.

Wow, that’s a strong decision, this 19th October date wasn’t a random one, and it was surely not easy to delay it, but well I’m glad that you are able to make such difficult decision if it’s needed. (and yes, I think it was needed ^^)

As a beta tester I would say this is 110% the right decision and I applaud it.

Too many titles (even AAA ones) lately are rushed out in an effectively incomplete state, leading to months of patching before they approach a finished state. With that comes fan anger, and potentially the rapid collapse of any MP player base.

Consider also that the Windows Store only release will render this a marginal title at best, so a stable player base will already be at risk even with a perfect release.

For those who want this game to stand alongside modern titles (or at least AOK) and have good longevity, this decision is a renewal of hope.

This post showing even more in depth the biggest problem of aoe and Microsoft , and for me as a community member it is so frustrating .
We are less then a week from the realese !
Now while I’m glad you are not selling me a broken game , I am mad about being so close to the realese date.
This post could of been a month ago and I wouldn’t say a word.
Microsoft and aoe teams are blurry and not keeping touch with the community in any part of the franchise , (aoe2-3 and myth) we are living in the dark in steam (what we donor deserves )
And now apperntly we are living in the dark even in DE since 6 days pre realese we get this.
If this post was a month ago with healthy devs + customer communication I was happy , ever since June because of Microsoft wanting to make her big announcements , she forgot about the people playing the game, stop completely the communication , and this post shows how it looks like.

At December 2016 I felt a true change with forgotten empires, rise of the rajas dlc and future patch plans post , it felt like communication , well, now when you guys lost it agian and put us in this location , even though I’m insane about this game , I will not buy games when I have no reason to believe in his team and his connection to the community.

I dreamed of aoe4 since I was 13, I dreamed for a better aoe2 since I was 6, I only dreamed , lost faith in Microsoft , the forgot the people , and only remember big announcements.
It is a sad day.

Es una triste noticia, digna de un viernes 13 =( . Ni siquiera pude jugar la beta cerrada y ahora no abrá Age of Empires 1 Definitive Edition para este año.

Espero que el equipo de Forgotten Empires y Microsoft Studios puedan superar estos inconvenientes y nos proporcionen una entrega de AoE DE para recordar de manera positiva para el proximo año. De mi parte esperaré con ansía y les deseo ánimo a los desarrolladores.

PD: ¿Cuando volveran a regalar el CD de la banda sonora de AoE Definitive Edition? Me encantaría conseguir una copia =)

It’s a sad news, worthy of a Friday 13 = (.
I hope that the team at Forgotten Empires and Microsoft Studios can overcome these inconveniences and provide us with a delivery of AoE DE to remember in a positive way for next year. For my part I will wait anxiously and I wish the developers.

PS: When will they give away the CD of the AoE Definitive Edition? I would love to get a copy! =)

I support this decision. Best of luck to you guys!

Good Choice. Shows that the team truly cares about the game being the best possible. Good luck!

Would really appreciate this and all future Age of Empire games being available on Steam. No Steam access, no purchase for me.

It has been a lot of years awaiting for Age of Empires news… so a few months more will not make a significant difference. Keep working on it and bring us a wonderful Definitive Edition that deserves the name of Age of Empires! We trust you!

And by the way, Microsoft Games: every new day It seems to me a higher and higher nonsense avoiding to release it on Steam.

@jennywaboom said:

@SatsumaFieber87 said:
I hope now come more into the beta, because I was not still in there ^^

We’ll be bringing in a lot more beta players, so you definitely still have a chance at getting in:) keep an eye on your email for the potential invite!

@jennywaboom I purchased this game already, and I had submitted my info in the survey to participate in the beta, however never got elected to the Beta program. I now changed my computer to a much better one and I would like to update the data that I submitted on the first survey… could you help me do that? what email can I reach to re submit with my new data? I lost the email, but if you guys look me up you will find me there. I didn’t see anything in my insider hub either… Thank you!

Sad News , as a member of this community and also as a Fan
If were Steam , this not wont be happening but if is for good of the game , so be it … Im so ready for the beta and the game

Good move. Quality over timeliness has never been a bad decision. Too bad we went date certain and backed out, but whatcha gonna do.

If I don’t get in the closed beta I will kill you guys (Development Team) . I am waiting for this game for AGES!

Lots of great memories of this game. Would love to be part of the beta

Can you make it an open beta to make it up to us?

Sad that this is delayed. I signed up for the beta months ago, still haven’t got the email. If you need beta testers for the single player style, that’s my thing…

This is the last thing I needed in my life right now. Was really looking forward to this. What else could possibly need so much testing? The map editor? Just patch that in later. If this is the same races/units/techs/etc as the original, what is left to test?

I feel a bit slighted as I kinda feel I “deserve” a beta invite, since I’ve bought every AOE game ever and put a bazillion hours into them, but I guess other people probably feel similar.

Yeah, i think that this is the best decision for bring a better game. I tried the beta last night, it’s very fun, but has many memory leaks.
For the people that want to access to the beta: Go to the Windows Store and take a search for Xbox insider app. Login with Microsoft account/Xbox LIVE gamertag and access to the betatest there.