Age of Empires: Definitive Edition - Microsoft HoloLens

Is there any plan to bring ‘Age of Empires: Definitive Edition’ in Microsoft HoloLens ?

That is a great Idea!

I was just thinking the same thing. Once HoloLens is commonly available, Minecraft and AOE are absolute must haves. the future is looking bright indeed. :smile:

Being as the two most recent executive producers of the AoE franchise are now working on hololens, you gotta hold a candle for AoE to show up there at some point.

Although not an Age of Empires franchise title, Mark Terrano, former lead designer on Age of Empires II, is currently working on a VR RTS called Brass Tactics.

As a 2-D game running in an orthographic engine from the mid 90’s, it’s highly unlikely.

Now a spin-off would be much more doable, but given the quality of recent AOE spin-offs I’m not eager to hear an announcement.