Age of Empires: Definitive Edition multiplayer , Scenario,editing map ..?

how many people can join in game??
in AOE max . about 8 people,
l hope DE will improve more up to 12-16 people to join at the same time?
also, does the game have any sever that people can join : hosting the game making …join the game
will it have Scenario ? like aoc …
editing map?

There will be scenario and map editors.

There will be multiplayer servers that people can host and join.

There are no news about increased max player count.

According to the preorder page, it says 2-8 players for online multiplayer. As far as spectating probably will be limited to the 8 player limit is my guess

great. :slight_smile:

12-16 players I mean come on that would be so chaotic lol :wink: Would probably be ■■■■ to organise as well. Most games I saw were hard pressed to reach 8 players, and then someone usually drops out. As long as it is not from de-sync or lag, then I’ll be pleased

It would make my day if they added an option for 16 players! I mainly play this game at network parties anyway (and have been since I was 7!), but half the people present always get left out due to only having 8 players max. Other strategy games like Warcraft and Battle for Middle Earth allow more players, so it only makes sense to at least match the competition on this drawback. It would also be cool if they added a disability % function like BFME to even games out.

It should be 8 players maximum. I think they should increase it though!

AFAIK 8 players max will not be changed. I recall a page for the game (WinStore / This site?) saying that the MP supports 2 - 8 players. So there’s your answer.

Would be a nice option to have more than 8 players for custom lobbies. Allow map editors to create larger maps to support this would be a nice addition to the game.