Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Release Date & Last Chance to Get Into the Beta! - Age of Empires


Can hardly wait to play!


Is it Feb 20th yet? Where’s my time machine? I’ve been playing AOE since the beginning in 1997 (Windows 95 OS). I love all of the versions/expansions. I have had all of them at some point, including other games built on the same engine (There was a Star Wars version at one point). Unlike other RTS games, the fact that this one does not force you to “micromanage,” that is, continually order the same units to do the same thing over and over again) was and is the best decision ever made. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new one. I only just discovered the BETA opportunity, so maybe I will be chosen in these last few weeks to participate.


Can no wait to get my hands on this jem.
Thank you to the team for being back this timeless ‘relic’
Pun intended


I hope i can be a betatester for this release…




wololoooo!!! haahahahah amazing, I can’t wait!!!


Good news ! :smiley: Keep the good job AOE Team.


By chance we organize a 100 persons retro-lan party on feb 23-24-25 with a competition of AOE1 & 2!
I hope i can be on the Beta to show them all the new version!
Thee_Haitche, Belgium.


@ChickenFX said:



Amazing , Can’t wait to see it


Nice… Memorable childhood Game…hope i can be a betatester for this release…


My first RTS !!! I never forget the presentation and the music… and the Wololoooo


cant wait


I can’t wait !!!


Dudes you’re all fans of Stevie Nicks cuz you can’t wait obviously :'D


Best RTS Game Ever!!! Can’t Wait until it is out!


I hope they FIX:

Control panel - (interface) from blinking disappearing to fix one … It was fixed on the bottom in all AOE why is this blinking now? also it’s too big.

blood - from one size to different sizes and few shapes, come one it’s too much blood sometimes from poor skinny guy.

water - in some cases it’s too shiny and breathy especially on edges and when single few hexes of water in the middle of terrain then too breathy.

other then that why not make it on MAC ?? ;((( we are MAC ready for AGE we are 27 inch imac’s users strong enough to handle this game ready to buy ready to play! whats wrong!

very excited to see it !


I’m very happy for the beta I’ve been waiting for a while and it’s the game I like the most because it reminds me when I was 8 years old when I started playing it. I hope that I will be chosen!

Hi all of you guys from Switzerland!


I stumbled upon a free to play “teaser” for the original all so many years ago. After trying it, I had to have it! I’ve played every version/expansion and can’t wait to revisit all the civilizations. I hope to be selected for the last beta test but if not, I hope it goes well. Looking forward to the 20th!!!


Best game ever!!