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               <p>It’s time for another giveaway Age fans!! Would you like to get your hands on an awesome Age of Empires: Definitive Edition T-shirt like these lovely folks? All you need to do to enter for a chance to win is leave a comment on this forum thread letting us know your favorite memory of playing … Continued</p>
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Coming home from school with my two friends and every and night playing a Lan or building our own, way overpowered, scenario to mess around on. I can still type “pepperoni pizza” “woodstock” and “bigdaddy” faster than anything else!

I cant wait for AOEDE!

Staying in the house for FOUR hours to play in 95 degree heat, then staying four MORE hours to watch my brothers play, making runs to get cool rags for our heads to not overheat. <3 I love this game

Playing Campaigns again and again and never be bored

Playing AOE3 while on Skype with some of the best players and beating Flooky in a Spain FF mirror.

Playing this game on the zone till 2-3 am every day during school year. Thanks to AOE I slept through most my high school years.

Wow so many memories. The best is around 2000 playing rise of Rome online, just joined a clan and I was a real noob, after 2 months of playing I beat one of the member of the clan he then asked to watch how I start and he noticed I did not use the shift key on the keyboard to quickly place buildings around the map he pointed this out to me and was supprised I could even beat him, and from there the rest was history,

I hope we will be able to get this shirts at gamescom in August.

The best memory was playing this game in the 6th grade in one of my computer classes. We would do lan parties once our work was finished. One day someone was going around dominating everyone and we couldn’t beat them. It took us almost a week to figure out it was our computer lab teacher!! The rest of the school year we spent trying to get better and one day i finally did it! That day was glorious! :slight_smile:

I do not want the t-shirt, but I still want to participate.

I remember my cousin when he first played aoe, he used to build up armies and cities but could not move or attack, then by accident he found out that he needed to right click to move and attack. After this discovery we finally knew how to play aoe.

I’ve played all of the AOE games since they came out. Hours and hours of my life wasted LOL :smiley:

The best memory I have of the game was taking my Roman axe warriors to slay my brothers peasant Chosen workers within the first 10 minutes of the game. He didn’t even have time to type Wololo…

My favourite memory is the one mission in AoE where you have a priest and you have to wololo everyone else’s men in order to build your own city.

Age of Empires is the best strategic game ever !

Beating my friends and Ai

Back in the day, I liked to play late into the night. The light from the screen would keep my parents awake, and the morning after they’d always lecture me about better sleeping habits. Every Thursday and Friday until I could afford my own computer!

My favorite memory was playing a world map on Age of Empires Rise of Rome I built called “World Domination” with my sister and one of my friends. One civilization started in North America, one in Africa, and one in eastern Asia. On one particular game, I played as the Romans, my friend was Babylonians, and my sister was Shang. I sailed villagers into South America and chopped down the entire Amazon Rainforest to help fund my army. I built massive armies of Legions and landed in western Europe where my friend built a huge city with multiple wall and tower defenses. Meanwhile, I thought I had taken out my sister in Africa completely and began the assault on my friend’s defenses when my sister launched a massive counterattack on my North American home city. It turns out that she had enough resources stockpiled and constructed a secret base on Antarctica from which the attack came from. Antarctica was funny because I used the desert terrain set since the first game didn’t have a snow terrain set. Several years later I uploaded that version to the AOE Heaven Games website under Rise of Rome multiplayer scenarios, and I am proud it is number 7 for total downloads on the website. Since then I have improved the map and still play it with friends to this day.

Despite his fleet of blue Shelby Cobras armed with machine guns, my brother still managed to lose several campaign levels. He didn’t see the enemy’s Wonder, and eventually ran out of time.

My favorite memory was When i would play for hours and build a huge base then destroy my enemies.

My Favorite AoE/AoM Moment: Playing the whole weekend with friends in a little Room. All just connected via LAN. Internet was bad in these days. And most of the time at least one was screaming “WOLOLO”. Thats was great and i´m getting old. :wink: