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I’ve been playing AOE for 10 years. I love it!


I’m still playing LAN parties with my brothers, it’s not just a memory it’s a way of life.


Too many to remember in my old years but it has to be the era of expert legion wars team games. Upward of 900 units+ on the map due to Logistics. The constant tug of war. The sound of the clashing of broadswords. The frequent battle horn sounding at 4am routinely The meticulous attention to farming with fast irrigation upgrade to gain the slightest of edges at the 20-25 minute mark. I’ve played every setting of aoe at a high level since 1999 but those were the golden days.


Favourite memory must belong to attractive detailing on the building detail which is a eye candy to gaze at. When the building change its style (meaning the empire entering an new era), it makes me so excited to witness the whole nation turns into something new and more incredible. That is what makes me fall in love with AOE and I am truly amazed to see it coming to back to life after all these years.


My favorite memory was when i played with my dad, my little brother and my friends age of empires 3 ! 3 different generations in a single game it was so fun (even tho we lost). I wish there could be an age of empires 4. Currently playing age 2 hd with my little brother and just found this website with the remake of the fist aoe. I never played it but already singed up for the beta (can’t wait to get a key)!


super cool game played it already when i was 12 years old. recently i play aoe II with my buddy from school. Exited for the new game :smiley:


Maybe not my favorite gameplay memory but a funny one when I think about it.

I played the Age of Empires demo the first time with my father and uncle, right after my father had installed the demo.

When we started playing my father said:

  • It looks funny when they are carrying the meat.

My uncle just said:

  • I don’t like these type of games at all…


The first time I popped the disk in, 5 years old, home from kindergarten, not a clue how to play, still in stone age, and a swordsman from the enemy wanders into my base.
Also the campaign mission where you have to locate the artifacts and ruins while an enemy scout is loose as well as some lions.


All of it. Particularly when I found out you could queue more farms in mills in AoK Conquerors. Made my life so much easier. I have Collector’s edition of AoE, AoK, and the expansions for both… so excited for Definitive!


AOE was my first computer game. My little brother and I got our dad to help us set up a network game on our computers. We spent hours and hours first on AOE then Age of Kings. When I texted him last week to tell him I found out definitive edition was coming, he responded back “Wooloolooo”.


When I was a student it was my pleasure drug to start a party, use my finest strategy and get to the victory or defeat. This game is part of the sweetest days of my life before I was 20. Thank you for that and I can’t wait wait to get some of my youth back.


Guys, the winners has been announced at this link

Good luck next time for all!


I have many great memories of AoE but one of the most memorable for me will be when my son and I first setup a LAN game. We got started around 6 PM on a Friday night and we began building up our empires. We picked the largest map we could and plenty of resources. Then the battles began. One glorious fight after another and then back to rebuild and do it again. Hours later with all the gold and stone gone we began using the market to buy and sell to keep up with our maxed out armies. As the night went on my son and I battled back and forth each going to the brink of destruction and back to thinking we had the advantage.

Then it happened. My wife came out of the bedroom in shock as it was now 6 AM. My son and I couldn’t believe it we had played all night for 12 hours straight and had destroyed all most all the trees on the map. We laughed, shared a smile, and a hug then called it quits to get some rest. We talked for weeks about our legendary battles and who we thought was the winner. My son’s all grown up and married with kids of his own now. We still remember that first AoE battlefest that raged on through the night.


I apologize for my English … I’m Brazilian. Age of Empires is made present in my life with online games from the moment I bought my first computer, I played, simply a perfect game that made me love RTS <3 Age


Playing Campaigns again and again and never be bored


Playing Age of empires Rise of rome Trial version Multiplayer on MSN Gaming Zone. Good Old Times


My favorite memory… One day in a game of AOE, i was losing, one of my brothers and my friend had defeated me killing all of my units and buildings … except one single villager xD… I hid in a corner and started ​​again haha, and with my other brother as an ally we could win the game !! AOE1 brings me a lot of nostalgic moments. It’s the first game I had on my first PC


Ah, the first time I played mass multi-player at school over the LAN.
Everyone would bring in their CD, try to install the game on the schools super modern Win98 desktops as quick as possible. The first there got to configure the game and be the host. Left vs Right was how the game went down, and there were many a wars in that room (including the one, end of school, PLEASE GO HOME!)


Building a huge defense with walls and castles to repel any attack just for fun before attacking the enemy with a massive army!


Installing the game for the fist time, it was incredible! And when my fist citizen died, I could not believe how it turned into a skeleton in the ground… Changing ages was amazing, telling my friends to come home so we could play together.