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Cartagineses, Romanos y Egipcios. :slight_smile:




The Hittites, My favourite of all time, The catapults being the strongest in the game absolutely owned, especially when paired up with a good Carthaginian player. I only played death match. I loved the epic battles.


Persians. Rush to be able to build elephants. Build an army of elephants. Win.


Yamato, loved them for their Heavy Horse Archers in Dead Match game play. I really liked how fast the gameplay was when playing archer wars with Heavy Horse Archers online at the MSN Gaming Zone. Can’t wait to try them out in AoE Definitive Edition and revive the DM Archer Wars.


Phoenicians all the way.


persians for sure.


Babylonians - Turtle with towers all day every day!


Persians of course! :smiley:


I’d like to play with Romans cause I’m still in Conn Iggulden’s Emperor hype. His novel series made me love romans.


My favorite were always the Macedonians–can’t wait to play OG AoE again!


Choson of course!


Egyptians =D




Griegos y persas!! Me fascinaban las catafractas y las helépolis. Los elefantes de guerra y las hoplitas eran la mejor tropa.


Greeks over here! Love its architecture <3


long time ago Greeks… and im wating to see the huns again


Egyptians!! obviously xD


I was always a huge fan of the Hittites. Such a great campaign!