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I used to play a lot with the Greeks, but now I love the Roman civ.


Persians and their elephants <3


eu não joguei a versão original na época eu só podia ver nas lan house mais nunca tive


Roman Empire


I enjoyed playing as the Phoenicians for that big elephant army stomping around town.


Persians and war elephants




Persians =)


Macedonians of course XD


Although I was only allowed 30 minutes when I was a younger boy to play Age of Empires: Gold, I would enjoy playing the Persians. The reason is because of the war elephants and how I had these massive animals do so much damage. I was in elementary school at the time. I remember saving up all my money to get Age of Empires: The Age of Kings and Conquerer expansions when I transitioned to middle school. I was enthralled and excited to see Persians still remained in the game which made me enjoy it more. Then I eventually went to high school and played Age of Empires III, and now I am in college currently playing the Forgotten, and other expansions. Indians were not too bad, but ever since the very first Age of Empires…Persians still remains my favorite. Thank you for hosting such a giveaway and if I do win it would be an honor to wear such a shirt because I have supported this game since I was a mere child. Best of luck everyone.


Greeks / Griegos

Esta es la mejor Civilización para mi… / This is the Best Civilization for me… :smiley:




Of course the Carthaginians, idk why but they were my favourite civ in aoe1


I used to play when I was a kid so don’t remember much. I hope to get back to playing again.


Carthaginians or Greeks :slight_smile: \m/


Persians the elephants FTW


Romans are the best!


I almost always played as the Greeks when I initially played AoE 1. Not because of mechanics in particular, but because I loved the visual style and I enjoyed building armies of phalanx!


BRUH. Persians so op. I used to love playing with those guys!!


Romans and greeks.