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I really never had a favorite civilization. What I thought set Age of Empires apart from every other game were the history lessons, what a great tool for parents. TY


OMG! I WANT TO PLAY AOE Resmaterized oh god!! My favorite is Egypt :slight_smile:


Greeks. Always the Greeks. Don’t know why but always the Greeks. :smiley:


Carthaginials are the best


Gaul, Judea, Seleucids, and Parthians


“I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble”. (Me after making Rome great again in the original game).

Come on. Roma Invicta. It has to be Rome!


i always like the assyrians because of the CAMEL ARMY


I loved the Romans the best. Without the expansion, definitely the Minoans (assuming a water map).


Hittites because of there solid tech tree


Yamato! Can’t wait to try all of the civs in the definitive edition though :slight_smile:


Love the Persians!


Persians with armies of war elephants and ballistae were my favorite!




For me, it was the Romans or the Babylonians. Something about Roman Centurions…


Griegos. Con sus desventajas y ventajas. Fue la civilización que me engancho al juego.


Greeks, always Greeks!


Persians with their war elephants !


The Ancient Choson! Cheaper priests, strong swordsmen and powerful towers make for a great turtling civ!


Looking back I’m not sure why, but I almost always played as the Hittites when I was playing as a kid. When I was a bit older I finally adventured out and played as other civs, but the Hittites still hold a special place in my heart haha :slight_smile:


The Egyptians, first ever civ I played as, and well nostalgia always gets me, hence the love for AoEDE!!! =D