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Romans, Sumerians, Egyptians, Choson, Shang, Phoenicians, Babylons… I pretty much liked to play random but if I HAD to choose one… Romans… Legions and Siege Weapons for days and they had the best looking Iron Age art


Egyptians are great :slight_smile: I always get those nostalgic flashbacks of AoE 1 - Hype


Babylonians. I liked the buildings and the towers of course.


This game is a masterpiece and it made my childhood! I loved most of the civilizations, but I’d have to stick with the Greeks! This game inspired me to pursue a major in history antiquities, and I haven’t regretted it for a second!


I Started with AoE II - So I’m excited to play the Assyrians because I like to rush my opponent. :blush:






I loved to play the Babylonians! Really looking forward to playing with them again.


Greek Centurions! pretty much my childhood in a nutshell.


The Greeks cause i’m Greek haha


Egyptians, cause of +20% gold mining. And ofc beatiful arabian architecture and _arabians _:slight_smile:


I may be Greek, but my favorite civilization were the Persians. What I loved most about them? The war elephants and the architecture of the buildings.


Phoenicians, always!
Elephants and elephants and ships and more ships!


Oh man I’ve always had an affinity for the Greeks, but I also really enjoy the Assyrians… decisions decisions


It’s difficult for me to pick just one… but I’d say Egyptian (closely followed by Choson).


Indian would have been my favourites if there were one but Greek were my favourites because some random stranger told me that I look like a Greek


Romans were always my favorite, but it’s been so long since I’ve played. Really excited to try out the game again with some upgrades!


Romans! (I’m from Italy, Can’t do otherwise xD)


Persians, their Elepfant are best !


It’s been a long time, but I remember the Persian Empire was one of my favorites !