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Roman Empire by far my favourite, gotta love spamming swordsmen with their 33% faster attack with the added bonus of 15% less building cost and 50% for towers. Mostly looking forward to playing Roman again alongside Persians and Egyptians.


I’m most excited about the updated version of the mighty Romans!!


Babylonians because their campaign has the exciting scenario where you have to wololo everything with a single priest.


Minoans!! <3

By aesthetics, for not taking anyone and for:
-30% ship cost
+2 Composite Bowman range
+25% Farm production


The Yamato for sure!!






I liked the Egyptians, then Rome with the rise of Rome add on. In Age of Kings, I preferred Teutons and liked the Myans on the add on. In AOE 3, my favorite empire was the Dutch, I didn’t care much for any of the native American tribes, but loved the Chinese in the eastern civs pack. Right now on Castle Siege, I am the Franks but it doesn’t give you the special troops like all the CD versions of AOE does. As you can see, I have been an AOE fanatic for years. o:)


My favorite civilization from AoE and RoR is probably Shang, since you save so much food making villies that you can invest the extra food in more villies - in total, you get +20% efficiency in making villies! I really cherish the early economy game, so that was always fun - I also enjoyed Babylonians, since there’s something special in just turtling up hardcore and taunting the AI to try to come at you. But Shang wins, cause of those relaxed early ages :slight_smile:


Definitely the Egyptians. The very first civilization I ever played in any RTS!


When I played I always joined up with my Dad. I was the “fast” civ. as an Assyrian, he would be the “slow” Hittite. Effectively, I would protect the short game while he would dominate the end game. We had a blast.


Romans it is!


First game definitely has to be Hittite’s for overall destruction.


Yamato is the best civilization ever, best building style and fast cavalry rush!


Hittites, catapults and chariot power!!!


I played it as a kid so I cant really remember any favourite civs but the Egyptians look really good since i still remember their units a bit. Looking forward to playing (hopefully) the beta or the game when it releases


It has always been the Persians! But the Greeks are very close behind! :smiley:


My favorite civilization to play were the Romans and I’m looking forward to play them again on the Definitive Edition of Age of Empires. B)


Why the Romans and their glorious centurions of course.