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The Civilization I like​ the most are the Romans, it feels good playing the strongest and most famous empire that existed at that time because it shaped how society is today due to it’s great Legacy in Arts, Law, History and most of all, military tactics that are still used to this day.


Egypt of course! I was very young back then, and just loved this civ.
I’ll stay true to that and play them first !


Egyptians, cause they are the real OG’s
Babylonians had cool buildings too




Of course Persians…

and Romans… and Egyptians. :slight_smile:


my first game was at 09 pm after my father finished playing vs 3 computers and i was at age of 14 that time i used for the first time egyptions because the first thing was in my head is pyramids LOOOOL i tough i will find already built but i had non clue what i were doing hahaha
now i still play the same version of aoe at after14 years xD


Chosons, had a decent tech tree and beautiful architecture.


Definitely the Greeks.


Its a hard decision but if i had to pick i would probably go with the spartans, those elephants just tipped the scales for me.


I really liked Macedonians from Rise of Rome. I am so hyped for this game. When i saw the trailer i was literally shaking.


Egyptians, I just love the classic style of their building they are to cool
And give a great style to the game
Im just to impatient to play this game and see all the designs and the cool music when I hear the opening song remastericed on the trailer I just feel electricity in all my busy :smiley: :smiley: :#




Greeks where my favoritt in past times


I love the well the War Ship Range, best civ for water :smile:


I mostly played with the Sumerians in the past


I remember liking the Babylonians, because I am really bad at defense and economy, so their tower and wall HP bonus really helped me. And I used to be a monk type of person, so their Monk bonus is also really good. Right now, I am not sure which is my favourite. I still have the CD somewhere in my house, but it’s lost due to the renovation which occured some years ago. I might even want to look for it and play it soon actually ^^




Looking forward to be able to play with them all haha, but if i have to choose, then, Greeks :smiley:


Sumerians, the mother of all civs.


Hittites because I was an obsessive compulsive upgrader and the Double HP siege just wrecked everything.