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Egyptians. I was interested in that civilization (culture, religion, technology) and have sort of sweet spot for them. Plus chariot archers are awesome :wink:




I always had a sweet spot for the Carthaginians and Persians (you can sense my war elephant motif)


I love playing Phoenicians. They have the best naval in game and also easy start on land. With their bonus to woodcutting bronze age is easy, because you have enough resources to train chariots and advance to new age. They have cheaper elephants. That is cool too. Their upgrade in land units and naval units makes them really hard faction to beat


I love the Babylonians… mostly because of the Holy Man mission lol. I always wondered as a kid how can one simple man defeat an entire civilisation and has been an inspiration till this day.


Persians, or Phonecians on an island map.


Hittite as i started with only the AOE demo and bonded with them over the campaign especially the 3rd scenario opening moves first time i ever heard WOLOLO, amazing.


Yamato is my favorite civ. :smiley:
Reduced cost of horse archers and so on, and the good looks of the buildings.


I loves the Chosons, i was a real Young kid and never heard of that kingdom. that excited me a lot :smiley:


I love the Romans.The -15% less cost building and the -50% less cost tower effects are great! The + 33% attack speed bonus is also great.When I can play the game again, I would spend a lot of time with the romans.




Egyptians for chariots :smiley:


Greeks i have such nostalgic memories of playing with them when o was young in the original game exploring the game lands and waters and imposing my empire over enemies with them.


IF I had to choose one, I’d pick the greeks, but I don’t think there’s any I dislike.


I think i played all of them back in the days, tought I always had a love for Greeks till AOE III came and than i crush for British Empire was obvious :stuck_out_tongue:


The Macedonians look promising.


Wel I have never played aoe 1 before, thats why Im even more excited to play this remake. Im looking forward to play Persians, becausae they have elephants. I mean who wouldnt want to stomp his enemys with huge elephants.


I often played the Persians because of the elephants but often played the Britons because I loved the long range archers




Is there a chance to a buy AoE:DE themed T-shirt? and to the question: As little kid and since then I picked Greeks … I liked their style of Buildings :smiley: Dat army of Centurions and Composite Bowmans ^^ :smiley: