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I love to play as the Minoans because composite bowman op op


Greeks of course, what else? Man has it really been a decade?


Egyptians, thank you guys for this moment in life :blush:


Greeks ! Definitely greeks !


Persians :smiley:


Haha, my first game i played at 1999 (like 6 years old) :smile: My favourite civilization in the base game was the Egyptians even though i liked the Greece too because the buildings, and in Rise of Rome i prefered Palmyra because i just loved Armored Elephants and Camel Riders.


gimme a T
gimme an E
gimme a U
gimme a T
gimme an O
gimme an N



Greek with Centurio xD


I want to play as Sumerians, mainly because im rly interested in the historically, and know alot about them.


I hope, that I’m not to late and it’s no Problem I’m from Germany ^^


Phoenicians, my favorites!


Rome :slight_smile:


My favourite Civ on AoE1 was always the Egyptians. I loved the fact they had unique units such as Chariots. I used to make scenarios where I’d just place loads of chariots in a free for all match and watch the carnage. :slight_smile:


Egyptians or Carthaginians


Greeks, because I like the Greek mythology!


Yamato allllll the way.
Are you ready for the rush?


My favourite were the Persians, because you get sprinting war elephants.



I loved the Carthaginians, with their War elephants! B)


Hittites was my favourite because I liked water maps


My first game on the computer when I was 7 years old it was demo version in Windows98 setup CD. My favorite civilization is blue one :wink: I’m 22 now :smile: