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I loved Egyptians :slight_smile: and I hope that next year will be new AoF like AoF Online >:)


Oh man, Greeks and Egyptians mostly but I liked Yamato Macedonians and Romans a lot as well. Good times when I was like 5 and I was just building my city trying to protect myself from the enemies.


It’s been a long time ago for AOE1, I’ve been more on AOE2… But you are trying to make me bring back some of my oldest beautiful memories… o:)
It was the Romans and I don’t recall playing with others…




Minoans were my favorite… I loved massing Composite Bowmen, they looked so cool and had a huge range. Also, Medit map was my favorite and Minoans were a good water civ. Ahhh, good times!


Britons! Because I’m a noob and love the Longbowmen :tongue:

In all seriousness though, Egyptians, chariots are fun to spam :smile:


Babylonians - Priests and heavy catapults :wink:


My favorite is the Macedonians! Alexander the Great for the win! I am also 50% Macedonian/Greek


My favorite is Persian for Elephant rush right at the beginning of the game.


Carthaginians!! I love their elephants! Although many others had elephants available, historically they are the ones who actually used elephants and almost defeated Rome with them!! Excited to see how they will look in AoE DE. I have been playing this game since 1998 and I still absolutely love it at my 26 years of age!




I just Khmer to express my love for the series. I don’t want to Babylon in the comments, so I won’t Rome off topic.


Assyrians !!




Greeks all the way baby!


Fan of the Chinese, those archers accounted for many victories over the years. Nice memory of late night Grad School diversion!


Greeks all day every day


My favorite civilization? Persians!!!


Choson, because of the great infantry.


I always liked the Phoenicians. They seemed like the most well rounded civ.