Age of Empires: Definitive Edition — Update 34483

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition - Update 34483

Today’s build features several crash fixes, performance optimizations, game improvements, and even a few new features that are now available in the game: such as an Eye Candy slider to modify how much foliage shows up in the game, an ELO pop-up at the end of ranked matches, and new cross-platform invitations so you can more easily play with your friends on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

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Very happy with the Eye Candy Slider, Thanks Devs.

My build still on previous version on steam, cant force it to download the new version

No performance improvement.

no sound in game after the update!


You are not seeing a new build for Age of Empires: Definitive Edition? Have you re-launched your Steam client recently?

I’ve also lost sound after the update. The initial launch videos have audio, but no sound after getting to the main menu. Playing on Windows 10

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many sync error. Are you stupid?

This update is not available at MS Store yet, at least for me.

Edit: it is now. I checked the wrong version. :clown_face::smile:


Not available for me on steam… And heavy lag in every game …

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The new build is not visible on steam. We have restarted steam and checked.

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Me three. No build available on Steam. Closed and restarted client with not change.

@IamJoyster @CostScissors308 @TheIronRod

Just to be sure. Please notice that this post and update is about AOE DE and not AOE II DE.

just saw that. Thanks

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I’ve tried reinstalling several times, still no sound. Steam on windows 10. Windows 8 fix does not work on windows 10