Age of Empires I: Did you forgot the older players with family?

Hi guys and devs,

long time ago there was a Windows 95 machine with a game called “Age of Empires”.
And there was a family with many children.
In the past when they want to play this so called game the created something very strange: Gamer profiles!
This way they were able to playe AOE with own campaigns etc. Now these children grew older and got… You will not believe it - children!

How they can now play the campaigns in their own pace? Where they find this strange thing called “profile”? Are you really telling me to buy for every child an own license?
And next question. It could be possible that I will play AOE in future again. How is the OFFICIAL way to reset the campaign without creating new MS accounts or buy new licenses? Same question for AOE 2 and 3.

Note: Don’t take it too seriously what I wrote. :wink: But yeah I indeed got the feeling that families were forgotten during the development. It would be kind to see these features back. As a developer I don’t believe it’s much work to do so.


Are you really telling me to buy for every child an own license?


It appears so. Sometimes I wish that there would be something like a communication with the developers…

If you’re on Steam, you can share the same library with other Steam accounts and let others play the game entirely free on their own accounts. The problem is it won’t be possible to use the game all at once while connected to the internet and therefore you won’t be able to use either lan or multiplayer without buying the game for those specific accounts.

So yeah, you can have a family play the game without having to buy a license/game for every account, but with limited capabilities.

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Aoe3 is forgotten too despite being latest

Good idea with steam but I bought it in the MS Store.
It is disappointing that they removed it and don’t react to questions.
I like the 3 definitive editions but these are bad points in my opinion.

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Yes, they are. The fact that not even a free DEMO version is available for download for this game is a shame. Of course, only having the introductory/tutorial campaign, though.


For me I DID purchase 2 licenses, MS store and steam.

I believe $4 / license (discounted) is not a big issue if you get less than 3 children :laughing:

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You can actually let your familly play on their own xbox account and play your game as long as you keep connected in the store. For that you have to log the other account via another xbox app.

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