AGE OF EMPIRES II (2013) on Steam won´t launch

Hi there. I´ve played this game many hours(~1600) before on Steam but now it will not launch anymore, i have bought all the expansions. It started to happen after i installed Voobly and played it trough that client also. Now, i´ve uninstalled voobly, AoE2 and steam to fix this, because i want to be able to play on both clients. But it still won´t launch. I´ve made exceptions for it in my firewall and antivirus. I´ve repaired local files. When i try to run as an administrator the same things happens and i get this message:

“SteamAPI_restartAppIfNecessary() has been triggered.Aborting startup.”

That i get because trough steam we don´t actually get to own the game, just play it trough them, like renting without timelimit.

I´ve tried other games in steam and there´s no problem with them. Can anyone help me ?


Btw it works perfectly in voobly now also. It´s strange.
I don´t wanna buy Aoe2 DE if this is gonna be the case.