Age of Empires II - Bohemians Theme (Rock/Metal Cover) WITH TABS

¿Which is your favourite civilization theme from the latest expansions? :guitar: In case it’s the Bohemians, I hope you enjoy this Rock/Metal cover of it! And in case you don’t, let me know so that I know which civ to go for next :crossed_swords:

This and also my previous covers of the Britons, Bulgarians, Burgundians and Sicilians are available as an ingame mod so that you can violently headbang while crushing your enemies. :black_heart:


I am curious how you would make a cover of the Malay or Vietnamese themes, for example.

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A good thing this theme is short. I was about to use my car to form a wagenburg :slight_smile:


The Malay one would require some creativity to do something decent on guitar, both great suggestions :slight_smile:

11111, don’t put it on loop or your neighbours might end up calling the police