Age of Empires II DE at E3 super excited

It has been almost 14 years since I was last able to play AOE. I played all the way up to AOE 3 but backwards compatibility with the CD has not allowed me to play since and I was not about to buy the steam ones after I had already bought the hard copy though I have been tempted. After seeing AOE at E3 I want more and it also has me wanting to play this game again remembering how much fun and enjoyment I got from it when I was a kid. I love the RTS format and feel, as well as the pure creativity and excitement I got from my custom scenarios. I was also very fond of the cheats spawning saboteurs and Shelby cobras, revealing the map and lifting the fog, and instant build saved me as well as tons of time in many instances. I often would make scenarios for hours adjusting the terrain and scenery to perfection. I like making scenarios that were very hard to beat giving the enemy tons of villagers and resources a wall and more just to see if I could beat the computer on max difficulty. The ease of building, terrain modification, game play versatility, ages, and advancements you could make during the game is what made me fall in love with AOE in the first place and I can’t wait to play the new content and see what this game looks like remastered. #age-of-empires-ii


Welcome to the community! We’re excited to have you and excited to share all the excitement coming to the Age of Empires franchise and with Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. Be sure to join the official DIscord if you haven’t already, and to follow our social channels for the latest news and updates!

Welcome, again; will see you on the battlefield! =)

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The trailer looks amazing, a dream coming true! :smiley:
What i can suggest would be that we should have and optional ability to mount skins on different civilizations baracks/arcery/stable units since t hey are called and they look the same for all civilizations.
It may even be as microtransactions, but for a huge base of players it realy matters that briton champions to not be the same with japanese champions for example :blush:
Me and my friends for example create a lot of scenarios based on real historical wars and then play on the respective maps that we created. And we would love to have this option available :slight_smile:
Another example should be the monks, imams for arrabs should look different then european priests or japanese budhist monks, exactly as you did with the mezoamerican civilizations :smiley:
Thank you very much for reading our posts

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Your dear player Europe