Age Of Empires II DE (Major issue)

Hello everyone my name is Mitchell and thanks already for taking the time to read my post.

I came across an issue in the AOE2DE version which I think most people find absolutely unlogical and super annoying.

Galleon ships have more range with missiles then Cannon Bombard Towers.
This is unlogical because the towers have a higher ground, and, well… they have cannons.
If you look at a situation like this (See picture) You will see that if you would draw an imaginary line from the tower to the ship, that it would very easily hit. I hate that this doesn’t work and it really doesn’t make sense at all! The towers are also so expensive to make and get taken out easily because of this issue. I feel like this can patched in future updates. So lets hope the developers see this topic. Once again thanks for reading and let me know what you think about this issue down below :slight_smile:


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it depends on the upgrades both have.
Galleons have a base range of 7 and gain 1 range per upgrade (Fletching, Bodkin Arrow, and Bracer).
Bombard Tower has a base range of 8 and gain 1 range per upgrade.
so if the player with the tower hadn’t upgraded his range techs, it is entirely feasible for them to be out ranged by the galleons and hills do not provide additional range.

the game has always put more care into balance then it has over being 100% historically accurate, and so yes, despite having CANNONS in those towers, they don’t have absurd range, because that would be broken from a game-play perspective

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Yes I get what you’re saying and I understand it, but I mean that the tower itself is also higher up then the ships are, if it would shoot I think it should hit. It just doesn’t make sense to me that a ship can shoot from that distance but the tower with a cannon on it can’t… I had all the upgrades I could get.

Also, I just remembered that the bombard cannons that you can make in the siege workshop have a crazy amount of range. Why and how is that allowed then? That should either be balanced out then cause if I make 20-30 of those the enemy is as good as done right?

I get what you’re saying about broken game play perspective but I feel like right now that’s the same case with these towers being so expensive but not being able to defend themselves properly.

hills don’t provide that type of bonus in this game though.

what civilization were you? are you sure you had fletching, bodkin and bracer?

because those are siege units meant to take down defenses, thus they have to out range defenses.

not really, you can dodge BBC shots. but either way, BBC are meant to tear down enemy defenses, and against other siege units. you shouldn’t need 20-30 of them.

Bombard towers straight up outrange the galleon line by 1. There is no issue, so why is it being labeled as a major issue?

The bombard tower also has 2k hp, it’s not going down so easily.


@Zargona Btw almost no one noticed your topic as it’s in “General” and not in the “AoE2:DE” category.

Regarding the subject, I suppose you didn’t get the blacksmith upgrades as they do increase the bombard tower’s range, as counter-intuitive as it can sound.

Only Lithuanian can build BBT that look like that so I suppose it was his civ.

These galleons are a fantasy unit, that’s why they shoot unrealistic projectiles unrealistic distances :wink:

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Well, it didn’t outrange the ships, that’s the thing.

Yeah thanks for the tip about my topic being in General.
As far as the upgrades go, I double checked to make sure I had all the upgrades researched.

I do not think so :smiley:

Well the Galleon has to have 2 range upgrades more to outrange a bombard tower. If it outranges the BBT, the guy with the BBT should upgrade. Sorry but as long as you do not provide a way to reproduce it and only claim “everything was fully upgraded” noone will see this as an issue.
Yeah things are no logical in AOE2, but this is no simulator, this is a strategy game. Ever wondered how that one guy building a lumber camp can carry 100 wood to the location where the lumbercamp will be built, but only can carry 10/13/20 when he is colecting it? He doesnt even have to visit any storage…

And to the 20 BBC outranging almost everything and being absurdly OP: try it out to kill units with them. I am only 1150 1v1 elo, but played a game yesterday where someone sniped my (turkish, so even more range) BBC with his arbs and traded okish with that (whilst being one of the worse counters to them…)