Age of Empires II DE - Map Editor (Sugestion)

As a fan of Scenarios I would like to suggest:

  1. The hability to downgrade upgrades. This makes no sense in regular game, but in scenarios it would open for interesting options (since game is based only adding more attack / armor, but never losing it).
    Two quick ways to do this are:
    *“button” with this function in the building (so you click and open a secondary menu with upgrades you already made and as you click it they are undone)
    *a new building with all upgrades you did so you can find the ones you want to undone

  2. To integrate a tool similar to Trigger Studio, when you have to configure the same path for 300 triggers it takes forever and that tool helps a lot! Or at least update the old version of Trigger Studio to work in DE. For example you can’t find CBA Hero with new civs in Voobly or Steam, this map is very popular but people stop playing since they only use old civs (I dream about a Grave Blood with all civilizations).

That’s all folks


(you’ve always had the ability to decrease unit stats in editor, you just leave the initial “-” before your number)