Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Getting Return of Rome DLC

Maps of Ancient Era population aren’t really useful in this discussion, both the Magyars and the Bulgarians migrated from Russia into Eastern Europe in the Early Middle Ages. Linguistically and, for what it’s worth, culturally, Dacians seems to have been part of the Balkanic group, an indo-european branch whose only modern day representants are the Albanians. Magyars/Hungarians are from the Ouralic group (not Indo-European) and early Bulgarians were a Turkic people (not Indo-European either) but after settling in the Balkans they adopted cultural and linguistic elements of the Slavs who had also recently migrated into the region, to the point they are now considered a Slavic people (so Indo-European, but not Balkanic).


Of course, but here we are talking about late antiquity (284/395-476 AD), prior to the great migrations.of the early Middle Ages (507-632) and the rise of the Huns (in 373) who expelled many peoples to a divided and declining Roman Empire…

Well, yeah, but my and @TheConqueror753 reactions were about you specifically associating the Dacians to Magyars.
Tbh, associating Vandals with Berbers doesn’t really hold up either.


Why not Sparta:)))) every civil not a country can appear here but Sparta not :))). It worst and wrong from aoe1 Greek?? Why have macce minoan phonician too??? 27 year for stupid historycal from Microsoft and they are from western and me from Viet eastern:))))))

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The AoE1 Greeks play pretty much like the Spartans


:v but it not Sparta, need the name for it. Look Turk they do change name country just because they can mistakes with turky chicken)

uy un leyenda negrista joder colega entonces si con tanto fervor se querian independizar por que tanto flamencos ayudaron a los Españoles contra los rebeldes?

What’s with the racial slur there? Not very polite and breaks tos. If you’re trying to say black legend well the black legend has no sway in modern recourse. Only insecure spanish chauvinists evoke the black legend to whitewash their history. Also completely irrelevant to the discussion about Rome in aoe2. If you want to start a pointless slap fight over nothing you can DM me so I can promptly ignore you.

Every time I see people going down the rabbit hole of “no it is (not) an empire”…the game is called “age of empires” representing a historical period where there are multiple empires, so famous rivals or collaborators of the “empires” could definitely fit in. It is not “a game where only empires are allowed to enter”.

And the definition of empires is a very vague one. It’s something above “kingdom” or “nation”, not necessarily (but often) big or powerful. There are also political entities proclaimed to be “empires” by themselves. To make matters worse it suffers from low-effort direct translation of terms from other languages and other cultures that are not essentially equivalent to the word “empire” in the English sense.
Like the Japanese “emperor”. The original word (皇) has some overlapping with the emperor in the English sense (I’m omitting this specification from here on) but it also has some religious and cultural meanings. Directly translating it to “emperor” is somewhat misleading. I think Japan only become a true “empire” between Meiji restoration and WW2. Definitely not in the Yamato period.
Several multi-nation confederates and kingdoms in pre-colonial Africa are all called “empires” by modern historians, but they are very different from empires in other parts of the world, or even between themselves.

So I think the only standard for an entrance ticket is whether they are influential enough or culturally (in a popular sense) unique enough.



Looks like silly arguments are always going to happen online.

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ja es por que los argumentos que das estimado, son los mismos que se han escuchados durante siglos, esta claro que la historia imperial a sido solo reducido a estereotipos y que te quede claro, no soy Español, no he nacido en la peninsula iberica e nacido en la america hispanica y me he tomado la molestia de leer todo sobre el imperio Español usando fuentes no hispanicas (Charles Fletcher Lummis es un ejemplo de ello), ademas cuando era ignorante si era de hablar mal del imperio Español pero con un poco de cultura lectora puedes llegar a comprender varias cosas, como a su vez la historia de los paises prostestantes del norte de Europa y creeme que en una comparativa historica hay mucha ventaja por parte de la España de esos años, ademas tu te quisiste ofender por un supuesto “insulto racial” que no recuerdo haberte dicho leyenda negrista no es insulto racial para tu información, es un “insulto” en cuanto al conocimiento sesgado e historico que se tiene hacia la historia de España, esta claro quizas hagas caso omizo y me trates de oscurantista por defender la historia de España, pero al menos Escribi de lo que pienso o y aproposito cuando hablo de leyenda negra no hablo de negar las atrocidades que ocurrieron en el imperio Español, que como todo imperio tuvo sus cosas, es solo que es gracioso que redujeran a España solo a eso, tenga una buena tarde.


Go to the city of Brielle or the city of Leiden, Alkmaar and Haarlem and tell them the Spanish never conquered or tried to conquer them.
We still have huge national holidays from the 80 years of war with Spain to celebrate the liberation of these cities.
The festivity of Leiden: Leidens liberation: 3 October Festival - Wikipedia
1st april till 3rd of april the libration of Brielle (1 april jokes are big here, they still laugh at the spanish general Alva (Fernando Alvarez de Toledo the 3rd duke of Alba)): Capture of Brielle - Wikipedia
In elementary school we learn the history of Brielle and general Alva everywhere in the country.
Alkmaar also has its festivity day the 8th october also the release from Fernando Alvarez de Toledo.

These are still celebrated today in these cities.


I’ve watched Defragged history on the eighty years war. I know for a fact that the spanish tried to conquer the netherlands. I never said they didn’t so I have no clue why you’d be lecturing to me as if I wasn’t. :roll_eyes: must be a slow day.

I’ve seen you in other discussions where you properly said black legend but when you responded to me you said it with a racial slur. So you admitting you’re from either mexico or south America confirms you are aware that it is a racial slur and not you being geographically ignorant.

Leyenda negrista al menos en el vocablo hispano no es un insulto, se refiere a toda aquella persona que cree en la leyenda negra y tampoco vengo aqui a defender la leyenda rosa Española solo hablo sobre las cosas buenas que hizo España y las malas también xd, quizas la traduccion de “Leyenda Negrista” se traduzca como un insulto, pero que quede claro señor que mi intensión no es la de señalar la raza de nadie y ya con esto termino, tampoco busco convertir esto en una batalla campal si no de aclarar algunas cosas

I think you guys should lay it off, and get back to the main topic.


No se preocupe señor que aqui ya parare con esto, que tengan una buena tarde o noche o dia o como esten realmente

It was just a name for the game. People shouldnt be semantical.


Yeah, that’s something I see a lot with strategy game. People complaining that Crusader Kings isn’t exclusively about the crusades, or that Europa Universalis covers other areas of the world than Europe. It always annoys the hell out of me.


They take the name too literal or they apply their biases into what the game should be about. If it’s a paradox game they should know that it’ll likely be an expansive map simulator and the name of the game just sounds cool. Also age of empires 1 would be a perfect game to show off some of the earliest bronze age societies that historically are only called by names such as battle axe culture, Indus Valley, and indo-europeans. Hopefully this means they can finally do some dlc for the game now that it will be using the aoe2 engine. Cause I could see them making an expansion about the rise of the Qin dynasty, the Akkadian conquest of Sumeria, the indo european migrations and any new units that could be added since it’s doubtful unique units are going to be a thing. Also a lot of “what if” scenarios taking advantage of the lack of recorded history with these early civilizations.

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