Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Getting Return of Rome DLC

Depends. For DoI, the achievements were up in January (ofc they were yet unnamed and hidden), the announcement was at the Bengal/Tamil new year (15th April iirc) and the DLC followed ~2 weeks later.


This is pretty much AOE1 remastered + other aoe 2 features, so I expect it will take longer than just 3 civs and 3 campaigns.

On the other hand there have been two closed Beta tests already, I think the DLC is closer than we realize


Pax Romanum :sunglasses:


That’s easier to make.
Ctrl + C Ctrl + V

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Return of Rome DLC codename is Phoenix.

No, that was the codename for AOE2: DE


The same is to maintain the custom just xd…We already know that it has no code name…

Exactly,they are only the 10 campaigns of AoE 1 DE and the 16 civs and voila…That’s all the DLC…

March 15 I want to believe… the other would be March 1 for the battle of Silvia Arsia of 509 BC (where the Republicans secured control of Rome from the monarchists)…

i thought its march. cant recall where I read this tho.

actually prob isn’t even march, it was Q1 and I just assumed its march

It can be launched in March by the Ides of March or in April by the foundation of Rome…The Romans of AoEO were launched on March 15, 2021, by the Ides of March…Dynasties of India was launched on April 28 last year and Rome was founded on April 27th…

I guess not. At least 1 AOE2 civ is also coming with the DLC.

Sure, I mean the content of AoE 1 DE plus the civ Western Rome (or simply Romans) for AoE 2 DE…

last day of march my man. march 31st still in q1 lmao

I know… that’s why I said March or April, but before or after that I don’t think…

I heard a DLC was planned for AOE1 DE back in 2018 but postponed in the end. It will be awesome if they include that DLC with Return of Rome.

BTW, Return of Rome will be available in Xbox too, right? In that case, technically AOE1 can also be played on console.


I don’t believe they wont add any new civs for AoE1…


Yeah, we had a leak of a civ selection screen for the AoE1 civs, and there were no new civs nor UU or UT. We could see new civ icons and TB, though, and at least the Shangs had one additionnal civ bonus.


This was in November. Possibly they were only testing new features and have later on added new civs.
Or so I hope.


Or they are testing the waters with this now, and new civs come later once they have everything working and more balanced.


My dream is to implement 4 brand new “Barbarian” civs for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Return of Rome:

  1. Celts
  2. Dacians
  3. Goths
  4. Vandals

Such content could be called - “The Peoples of the North” DLC. It would be like Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - The Last Khans DLC (DLC included in the base game).