Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – Hotfix 63581

where can i read this hotfix of what they include?

is it just regicide king garrison issue addressed?

Hotfix 63581

Today’s hotfix fixes a bug to Regicide game mode, where the player was unable to Garrison their King in buildings. This bug has been fixed and Kings can now garrison in buildings again as expected.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Update 63482 - Age of Empires


Yep, beat me to it :slight_smile: The very last update item on that page

Great, now do the Editor. They pushed out a fix for a niche game mode within a week, but let gamebreaking Editor bugs linger for months, if not years. :clown_face:


sometimes i question the priorities

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Every day the Editor doesn’t get fixed, I question their priorities.

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If T90 stream about the editor instead of his community games (regicide mode) they would have already fixed the editor 11

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thats most likely the reason. community games bring views

Sad but probably true. T90 has done a lot for the game, but devs ignoring the largest chunk of the playerbase (mainly single player) because they’re not on YT/Twitch is absurd.


I really question the priorities of the devs. They wont adress the big elephants in the room. The team game ratings are still broken since the release of the game. Smurfing is becoming a bigger and bigger issue. But it looks like the devs dont really care at all about these issue.

But then we have small bug in regicide and the devs fix it with a hotfix. It is not like there are many regicide games at all…

The devs already focus a lot at single player. All these events with pretty stupid rewards like the vills with boxing gloves and stuff like that is all focussed on single player. Same like the new DLCs, with new campaigns. Request for new stuff are mainly based from players of the single player community. The devs really give the single player community a lot of attention. They dont have to focus more on them. They should focus more on the multiplayer community and fix things like the broken TG rating or smurfing.

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That’s debatable, since stuff like the Profile Icon unlocks is kind of irrelevant outside of MP. Even so, none of this is stuff that people have asked for, even in in the SP community, while they ignore the fixes that people have been asking for for months/years. I’m not even necessarily asking for more attention for SP stuff, just a refocus of the effort they are already spending on useless things.

I’m not saying they shouldn’t do more to focus on critical issues in MP (they should), but it’s disingenous to imply that the devs bend over backwards to accommodate every whim of of SP players while ignoring multiplayer (although even if they did there would be better reason for it based on the size of that demographic). The last update was overwhelmingly fixes for Multiplayer (and broke more SP stuff than it fixed), as was the only change in the latest hotfix. It’s bad prioritization of both SP and MP, focusing on the unimportant or extremely niche instead of basic functionality or QoL.


I’m disappointed they didn’t fix the modify attribute bug, but I don’t think it’s right to consider it just an “editor bug”, since it affects loads of campaign scenarios. Given that the bug has broken scenarios from the new expansion, fixing it really ought to be a top priority.

Odd, I see that kind of thing as aimed at people who primarily play multiplayer. People who primarily play singleplayer, particularly campaigns, are unlikely to want goofy mods that make no historical or thematic sense.


I agree. I call it an Editor bug because that’s the source of the issue, and fixing that fixes everything affected by it, but obviously it affects everything that has come out of the editor, including user created and official campaigns.

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Wondering if it’s because the garrison thing was easy to fix (along with the last wave of fixes) and maybe the editor thing is taking more effort? Like they break something every time they test the fix for it?

I do think MP generates more revenue and I do think their focus is on MP as well

Judging by the quantity and type of balancing they have done (primarily focused around MP meta)

I also see these as MP orientated. Due to the type of player that would want to use it or have it used in streaming etc.

Not necessarily the average ranked player, but streamers and lobby players

But simultaneously I don’t think they’re letting SP down either, looking at the new campaigns and even retconning old campaigns to have the new civs.

I just wish we could see more results more often on all fronts (but bias towards MP)