Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - The Wealth of Emperors (DLC propose)


Welcome to the topic presenting the proposal for a new DLC for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition focused on Central Europe.

I invite everyone to read and discuss :smiley:


The DLC I propose would add the four Germanic civilizations currently unrepresented in the game. The release of such an add-on could eventually complete the further addition of civs from this region. This expansion would add 4 Germanic civs from Holy Roman Empire. Additionally, this DLC add many new campaigns and 2 brand new architecture sets.

This DLC would include 5 brand-new campaigns!!! - 3 for new civs (Bavarians, Franconians and Saxons) + 1 for Teutons and + 1 for Magyars

Teutons civ would remain the same (apart from changing the civ description and icon of civ - the current Teutons civ icon would be included in the coat of arms of the Teutonic Order).

Barbarossa Campaign would become the Allemanians civ campaign, like Prithviraj campaign after Dynasties of India DLC release. Mission 5 (“Barbarossa’s March”) and 6 (“The Emperor Sleeping”) of this campaign would still allow the use of Teutonic Knights.

New civs


Unique Unit

  • Swiss Pikeman - heavy infantry with pike.

Unique Technologies:

  1. Cantons - all trade units and Market’s have +75% HP

  2. Land of Hohenstaufen - all military units have +25% speed and + 1 attack

Team bonus

  • First Technology researched in Market is free.


  • Stiftskirche, Stuttgart

Unique Castle:

  • Hohenzollern Castle or Chillon Castle


Unique Unit:

  • Landsknecht - Melee heavy infantry. Like Condottiero of the Italians civ, Landsknecht would be a common unique unit, available to all players allied with the Bavarian player.

Unique Building

  • Tavern - This building would heal nearby units and increase their efficiency. It would consume the Food resource.

Unique Technologies:

  1. Oktoberfest - Taverns regenerate unit health faster. Additionally, Taverns start generating Gold. Idle Villagers have a fun beer drinking animation.

  2. Alpine Fortifications - +25% HP for all defensive structures, +5% HP for Castles.

Team bonus

  • Landsknecht are available at the Barracks in the Imperial Age.


  • Stephansdom, Vienna

Unique Castle:

  • Nuremberg Castle


Unique Unit

  1. Dutch Musketeer - Heavy hand cannoner with attack bonus aganist cavalry.

  2. Fluyt - replacing the standard Galleon, it has less hit points and more attack.

Regional Unit

  • Flemish Militia (shared with Burgundians civ)

Unique Technologies:

  1. University of Cologne - Universities research Technologies faster (+15%). First technology after research of this UT is free.

  2. Golden Bull of 1356 - heavy cavalry line cost less and have + 25% HP and +2 Armor.

Team bonus

  • Monasteries have +15 HP and cost -10% less.


  • Kölner Dom

Unique Castle:

  • De Haar Castle


Unique Unit

  • Ritterschaft - A very fast heavily armed knight on horseback, armed with lances. He has the Charge ability by which he tramples his enemies.

Regional Unit

  • Huskarl (shared with Norwegians (curently Vikings civ), Goths and potential Swedes, Danes and English civs)

Unique Technologies:

  1. Hanseatic League - upgrade Trade Cog to Hanseatic Cog - a powerful Merchant Ship, armed with cannons; effective against other Ships; faster but more expensive than the standard Trade Cog.

  2. Magdeburg Law - All Town Centers automatically generate 2 Villagers. All Buildings are 10% cheaper and 25% faster to build.

Team bonus

  • Town Centers being built 15% faster.


  • Frauenkirche, Dresden

Unique Castle:

  • Schwerin Castle

New campaigns

  1. Charles V von Habsburg - Bavarians campaign

  2. William the Silent - Franconians campaign

  3. Widukind - Saxons campaign

  4. History of Teutonic Order - Teutons campaign

  5. Matthias Corvinus - Magyars campaign

Brand new Architecture Sets

New architecture sets:

  1. Alpine - Allemanians and Bavarians
  2. Nomadic - Huns and Mongols

Architectural reorganization for Architecture Sets:

  • Alpine - add Allemanians and Bavarians
  • Central European - add Bohemians, Franconians and Saxons * remove Huns
  • Eastern European - remove Bohemians
  • East Asian - remove Mongols
  • Nomadic - add Huns and Mongols

Extra content

A unique regional skin for the Monk for the following architecture sets:

Central European + Alpine



Thank you for reading :blush:


Users here will say that it’s a bad idea, that it’s imbalanced, and might even use more hurtful words. Sorry. It’s the way things are done here.

In general, I don’t agree with Mutylator’s DLC ideas, but I don’t remember calling it imbalanced or using hurful words. I do respect them though, because they put a lot of effort and research into their ideas. They take the time and effort to put all of their ideas into words which is way more than what I do


This can be pretty useless, really. If you’re researching uni techs before you get this and lets face it you likely have, you’re paying for a worse Malian TB.

This is a better version of the Szlatchic Privledge and no doubt theirs smithing is probably better and even if not 2 extra armor and 25% HP…

I cant even say tech tree dependant because if an infantry civ that still means assuming no squires a champion with 1.125 speed. If tgey have tolerable archery you’ll lose every time.

There isnt enough information to call it bad or not but thr UTs seem to either sound too good or not good enough


In addition, below I will briefly mention my other DLC suggestions:

  1. Jarls of the North Sea DLC - Danes, Engilsh, Irish and Swedes civs
  2. Župans of Balkan - Croatians and Serbs civs
  3. Sailors of the Adriatic - Aragonese, Moors and Venetians civs
  4. Rulers of the Caucasus - Armenians, Georgians and Khazars civs
  5. Gods of the Americas - Chimu, Muisca and Tarascans civs
  6. Sultans of the Sahara - Kanem-Bornu, Mamluks, Moorocans and Somalians civs
  7. Kings of the West Africa - Akan, Benin, Fulani and Songhai
  8. Leaders of the Bantu - Congolese, Mutapa (or Zimbabwe) and Swahili civs
  9. Forgotten Empires 2 - Jurchens, Nepalese, Ryukyu, Siamese and Tibetans civs

I like the proposals but I think you should dig more into the identity you wanna give to the civs. The UT and UU in this context feels a little generic and out of focus, can’t know how they work with the overall civ, so I won’t go too much into detail for that.
Just a note that Oktoberfest as a UT with tavern and villagers being drunk feels unintentionally (?) Ironic lol. It’s like making Italians making pizzas idk it’s too much even for aoe2 ahah (don’t know how serious of a proposal it is). Besides it seems Oktoberfest started being a thing much later than aoe2 timeframe, in 1800s.
Maybe you took inspiration from stronghold for that but put in a aoe2 context makes it look like a joke or maybe I’m being shortsighted…

About civs themselves, you’re basically putting Swabians, swiss and allemanians together? Barbarossa was Swabian but I’m not sure it was the same thing as being allemanian or Swiss. Alemanni and suebi originally were two separate barbarian tribes (suebi even had a kingdom in Hispania!) that eventually mixed up a lot in the alemannia region but Swabia is a different region iirc.
I guess both names make sense but maybe Swabians describe better Barbarossa and what you’re presenting than alemannians who reminds more of the Germanic tribe fighting the Romans.
I think they could both be their own civ btw but maybe I’m wrong, you tell me.
I don’t know if it’s a good idea to make alemannians the same as swiss, I was questioning that myself for a long time. I would do that just because in general I’m against using modern names for civs and swiss definitely is. But at the same time alemannians seems off when it comes to address Switzerland the same way it is for Swabia… so it could be two or three civs in one.

Franconians seems another umbrella to catch everyone in low lands and that area (Lorraine/Lotharingia as well?) But it’s better than Dutch imho which would need to extend the timeframe of the game further to 1648 to cover all the 80 years wars (their “war of independence”) otherwise it would feel a civ with half baked history. There would be no problem with that if not that by stepping over 1600 you would need to add north American civs too and then going down a spiral where you’re practically adding modern era… or maybe not?
Anyway for Franconians themselves would do you have considered Frisians or Hollanders as a name? Or you think franconians better include both?

Saxons are another umbrella to catch Saxons from northern Germany and Anglo-Saxons I guess but it seems to focus more on the former while I personally think this game desperately needs a Britons/Celts (Vikings too) split. There is absolutely nothing to represent Britain before 1000 AD, having Briton factions in 7th century Britain using longbows is laughable, I wanted to make a campaign set around that period but seriously which civs should you play with to represent idk Northumbria, Mercia, the Welsh? Indeed all the existing custom campaigns set there make you use goths, Britons, Sicilians (renamed Normans) and other silly picks. Woad raiders work well with Picts I assume but then just make a proper Scots civ and move them away from it to not waste entirely an iconic unit.
As for Saxons themselves I’m still not sure if they should be two civs. I think for the moment having at least one is ok but more on the side of Anglo-Saxons which are more needed imho.

Not much to say about Bavarians, they can make in the game imho. It just get questionable to have Teutons or not as a civ since Germany is basically split up (like it should in a medieval game if you ask me) and they could only represent a vague and abstract idea of HRE or more probably a crusader order which again raises the question if that makes sense a civ since it’s not a culture but rather a “dynasty” sort of.

And that’s it! Now I’m waiting for someone to make a sarcastic remark on how Europe has 20 civs while Africa has 2. Not a single day shall pass without me forgetting my European bias in shame and sorrow! Memento Mori etc.


This is basically saxons austrians swiss and dutch?

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This should strictly be infantry and squires removed from the civ. Maybe you could extend it to siege if civ doesn’t have bombard canons.

Some cool uu and ut descriptions. Hope you add stats, civ bonuses and rest of tech tree soon.

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It’s hard for me to judge any of these civs without proper civ boni to look at, nor the specific stats that should be shown for things like the UUs (cost, training time, attack bonus, etc)

Yes and more.

  1. The Allemanians civ would represent both the Alamannians (late Ancient Ages and early Middle Ages), Swabians, Swiss and Alsatians.
  2. The Bavarians civ would represent both the Bavarians and Austrians.
  3. The Franconians civ would represent both the Dutch, Flemish, Luxembourgers, Hessians, Westphalians and much more.
  4. The Saxons civ would represent both the all of Saxons, Frisians, Brandenburgians, Pommeranians, Thuringians and much more.

In principle, each of these civs could use a different language:

  1. Allemanians civ - Alemannic German
  2. Bavarians civ - Bavarian language
  3. Franconians civ - Central Franconian languages (for example Dutch)
  4. Saxons civ - Low German

Unique Units look:

Swiss Pikeman


Dutch Musketeer



Unique Building


These images while fancy and yadayada they don’t help prove this id the absolute best expansion we must have yesterday.

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OP didn’t get Dynasties of India and has less than 100 hours on AOE2. Tells you everything you need to know how serious his civ suggestion posts you have to take. He’s just going to post pretty pictures of one of the million German mission trees he met in Europa Universalis IV and thinks you have to create a dedicated civ about a minor German flavour variant. Unironically even posted once Oktoberfest as a Bavarian UT, a Volksfest which didn’t happen until the 19th century 11

EDIT: Reading through OPs post, Oktoberfest is apparently still here 11

these seem very strange. a unique tech that benefits trade in castle age? you dont have trade in castle age! (also completely useless in 1v1s) I think this should be moved to Imp and add some speed bonus to trade units, otherwise it’s purely defensive

all military units +25% faster seems OP, considering that husbandry only adds 10% speed

so in imperial age a castle age UU is available at the barracks? can your allies research the elite upgrade? how does it fit in the barracks panel if you have a bavarian and an italian ally?

Oktoberfest is from the 19th century. that’s really far removed from the timeline of the game. Maybe just call it ‘Volksfest’?

what? Nuremberg is in Franconia, but you gave their wonder to Bavarians. Franconia is landlocked but you give them a unique ship? and Dutch Musketeers?
Cologne is not part of Franconia

What the hell were you thinking here?

why not saxons?

confusing since the Knight is just called ‘Ritter’ in the German version of the game.

another landlocked area getting a water bonus??

why is Schwerin part of Saxony?

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Firstly. I have all DLCs for AoE 2 DE except RoR.

Secondly, I have only 117 hours in AoE 2 DE, but that’s because I also play other games of various genres.

Thirdly. The screenshot you presented is an old idea of ​​mine that I updated.

Finally, I want to ask you - What is the purpose of this post?


These proposed by me civs are based on the 4 main language groups in Germany (Allemanic, Bavarian, Franconian and Low Saxon), which are divided into numerous languages ​​and dialects.

It’s a bad idea for several reasons which several users tried to explain to you in several threads you almost all started but you don’t want to listen. And by the fact that you struggle to make them unique then maybe, just maybe it’s because there’s nothing really unique about them to justifying adding them, just saying. For some reason you have such a ##### for more German civs that you can’t see it, actually no, you don’t wan’t to see it and it really makes me not taking you seriously anymore.

And Oktoberfest as UT as well as your cringy Kaiserreich profile picture on Steam is just a symptom of that deeper lack of understanding and willingness to hear. The Kaiserreich among other things is responsible for the massacre of the Hereros, a fact you probably learned today:

It’s just pretty pictures with no substance like CelticKeeper and JonOliveira ############# in the Future Factions thread and you’re not an ounce better than this.

I know I shouldn’t care but it pisses me off after a while. When we’re at civ 100 we can consider adding German Duchies, but this is just ridiculous bloat right now.

I’m sorry but this is nonsense what are you talking about now.

You didn’t write anything related to the game here, just some nonsense, detached from reality pseudo-arguments against my idea.

this doesn’t explain anything:
-the weird unique techs for the alemans
-the anachronism of oktoberfest
-Nuermberg being part of Bavaria instead of Franconia

It does explain why you made Franconians basically a Dutch civ, but they really need another name
and I guess it explains why you add Schwerin to Saxony, although that’s a huge stretch

I also just noticed you are giving a shaman to alpine people. that’s just absurd

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Okay, it can always be improved.

It can always be called Reinheitsgebot.

I know it’s confusing but that’s not the point.

Read it:

No X D.