Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — Update 34699

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Update 34699

Welcome, friends, to January 2020 and the first MAJOR update of the new year!

Once again, the team has been working hard to put together a list of bug fixes, changes, and new features to continue moving Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition along the path to world domination. This month’s update introduces a significant number of stability and performance improvements, a planet’s worth of map and map-generation changes, as well as AI and pathfinding improvements to help your armies as they traverse the world.

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Any units/eye candy added to the editor please? Or new skins?

Please increase unit selection limit like majority wanted in poll in beta forums :slightly_smiling_face: A lot of people have wished this since HD came out. Sadly there has not been any feedback from developers about this very popular suggestion since beta ended.

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Thanks for delivering!!

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Hi all!

I have been doing like a “league” to test the DE AI in extreme difficultie to see what civs does the AI play better with, after almost 400 games I have no problems (other than a few castle age crashes solved in the last patch) but with today’s patch there is a new bug that cause to the AI to send all his military unit to a corner of the map, it happen in all the 3 games that I tried to play after the update, both players do this, but not both in the same game (or at least, I did not see that)

A small screenshot to show what is happening (more units are coming from red to that spot while blue is attacking their base.


the corner bug

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Thanks for the “password” filter for Lobby Browser. Minor note: Evidently, to create the new filter your coders simply copy/.pasted the “spectators” filter and then changed the filter value. However, they didn’t remember to go back and change the filter description as it still shows the same exact language as the Spectators filter.

Screenshot below is with mouse hovering “Password” filter.

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Why are they called 2019 Holiday icons :smiley:

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Here’s hoping that the next patch has a filter for games that contain AI. Absolutely love the password filter.

Love all the changes as they were laid out, but really disappointing with what I’m seeing in-game. You are professionals. Please deliver professional work. That is all.

The multiplayer lobby has not worked for a full day now. The only way to play multiplayer is a ranked game. And you get disconnected after a few minutes of play. This update is @#$!.

The patch will be great when all the awful bugs that have been introduced are fixed.

Can you please try signing out of Xbox Live to see if that resolves the problem? We are tracking this issue and want to see if we can narrow down the problem.

The team has discovered the culprit. You CAN stay signed into Xbox Live, but will need to ensure that you’ve ENABLED CROSSPLAY before you can see the multiplayer lobbies. This is by design, though it has highlighted an area where we can do a better job communicating the functionality.

Thanks for the report!

yes that worked. thank you for responding